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Thank you so much! The video is missing some lines for what I can see, and makes way more sense now. I believe it’s related to the lockdown but I thought it was a love song lol

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Today I found some new and good songs for ya :heart_eyes::cupid:

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I was reading through the lyrics and then I got to the sentence: Always want that Sunday vibes

But, somehow, my eyes didn’t see the word Sunday, but Sunbae!!! :joy:

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Japanese OST I Like. If someone can help me with English lyrics Thanks!

[宮川大聖] - ラストアンビエント (last ambient)

Kaketa tsuki no shita de samayo kiri no mure
Tada tada kono meiro no yona yogaakete ku
Shizuka ni sawagu kono keshiki o mabuta ni utsusu kioku kara
Tada tada sono kokyu no imi o shiritai dake ne

Tsuredzure to nagarete ku mainichi o shoka suru yo ni
Nando mo nigedashitaku wa natteta konton to shi teru yo ga kiraide
Kojiaketa kono atama no naka

Kokonosora tada shizukana ao ni iki o ubawa rete shimatta
Doko ni mo yukenai hoshi o tadoru
Hageshiku uchitsukeru ame kaeru bashonara
Imamomukashimo kawaru koto nai

Ochite ku dasso-sha no yo mittsu kazoe iki o kakushita hitori
Kanjitoreru mono wa nan sozo dekinai yona hikari
Oto ni mazaru saigo no hi

Asayake no sora kurai tomoshibi mieru mono wa nakatta
Mo isso kioku no umi ni a oboretai

Tozasa reta mama katadoru yo ni kareta hoho o yubi de nazotta
Koware-sona hodo ni naiteita
Guren’nohono ni nure hai ni narunara
Kodoku o kurau koto mo dekinai

Mado ni utsuru kuchihateta kono mi de oyoida modorenu hi o sawagu kokoro
Itsuka no negai hoshi ni wa kimi o utsushita wazukana nukumori

Furishikiru ame kizu wa ienda tsuyoku nigiru kono-te ni wa
Hotobashiru kibo de furuete ita
Kireina basho o mezashita bokura kono mama
Zutto onaji yume o mite ita

Kokonosora tada shizukana ao ni iki o ubawa rete shimatta
Doko ni mo yukenai hoshi o tadoru
Hageshiku uchitsukeru ame kaeru bashonara
Imamomukashimo kawaru koto nai

Arinomama ga muzukashikute itsumo doko ka obieta mama
Tayutau tsuki no yo ni nagareru hibi o nagasa reru hibi o a
Hakana-sa yue kono zankyo genjitsu to hako no sozo


I thought I was never going to be fan of a specific KPop group before, and was almost only listening to OST of dramas, but then I discovered Tomorrow X Together.
The only K-Pop group I’m really a fan of, they debuted only a bit more than one year ago but I love them so much, so I think maybe some people don’t know them and might like them, then I’m sharing some of their songs here.

They still are very young but have lots of potential.

Their first song (released on March 2019)

Their title track of their first comeback (in October 2019)

A ballad I really love from their first mini-album (March 2019)

Their title track from the latest album they released (May 2020)

One of their songs from the latest album they released

And their latest mv which is a masterpiece according to me:


I really liked Run Away of them. & thank you for showing their new songs! I didn’t even see them ^^

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Today I found this song Stay Tonight by Chungha

I also found this flute cover of the same song that I really liked:

The sound is just so pure and the notes flow together so beautifully. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

dl742, I’ve been a total J-rock and J-pop fanatic since maybe 2006 - I read a travel journal by a guy from the US who went to Japan with some friends, and he mentioned listening to BuriGuri (the brilliant green) on the flight there, so that was my introduction.

Since then I’ve found so many Japanese bands I love (also a few from Europe, Taiwan, Thailand,) that I started my own internet radio station, which focuses on rock and pop that’s punchy and sometimes heavy but always with songs that are melodic and upbeat (or at least evocative of adventure,) and wherever possible with a Space Age element (I work for NASA.)

The station is named “Amanogawa Express,” after the Japanese word for the Milky Way, at the Live365 site. If you’d like me to put a link here please let me know - I don’t want to do it without asking (I want to avoid the appearance of spam.)

I have dozens and dozens of faves, but #1 is the ShakaLabbits - who have unfortunately been on “indefinite hiatus” since 2017, right after they released their last album “Her.” Hopefully they’ll be back soon, because they’re incredible artists and their music is both rockin’ and fun . A great example is “Mushroom Cat Number Plate” - which always makes me smile:

“Monologue” is one of the most visually beautiful vids I’ve ever seen, for an equally dramatic song:

From the same disc is “Dazzling Soup”:

…which they played live in a really cool SoFar acoustic version a few years later:

Another fun Labbits tune is “So Excited!” - one of the few songs they did in English, and one of the first of their vids I ever saw:

I could go on about the Labbits for days 'cause I love the band, but to mention a couple others… Another favorite band - also on “indefinite hiatus” - is Tears of Tragedy. “Void Act” has one of the most beautiful vocal melodies and chord progressions I’ve ever heard, especially in the hard rock genre. Haruka’s voice is unique in its elegance and emotional power:

Another great song by ToT is “Voice” - after a long intro it makes me feel like I’m doing Mach III in a jetpack:

A year ago they did an acoustic remake - it has a sadder mood but Haruka’s voice is spellbinding:

I’d better stop for now, but since I mentioned the brilliant green here’s, a great summer song from them called “Rainy Days Never Stays”:



Chung Ha is and will stay a solo queen. Period.
She already made so many solo hits who are very popular. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::cupid:


The song is so old… but everytime i hear this while driving i sing along and want to dance

I don’t know this song but the rhythm is really addictive! :heart_eyes:

hier das ending dazu

Well, in this period I am really into some songs (some of you have already sent some of them like “Stay Tonight” by Chungha and “pporappippam” by Sunmi):

“Monsters” by Irene and Seulgi (they are so talented, I love them so much :heart: )

“Naughty” by Irene and Seulgi (I don’t even need to write something about it :joy: :fire: )

“What You Waiting For” by Somi (she is young but already so talented
:two_hearts: )

“Play” by Chung Ha (I love Chung Ha and I think that this song is so beautiful! It makes you want to dance and it is perfect for the summer :sunny: )

“How you like that” by Blackpink (if you are into kpop or if you use social networks, well, it’s really difficult that you don’t have at least heard this title :sweat_smile: :star_struck: )

“I’m the trend” by (G)-IDLE (this is one of my favourite kpop groups and, even if this song is underrated, I love it! It’s really funny and even touching if you know their songs and them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)

“Hip” by MAMAMOO (ok, it is not new but I’ve listened to it for the first time some weeks ago and I’ve fallen in love :heart_eyes: )

“(아이유) _ Twenty-three” by IU

“Twenty-three” by IU (These two are different songs even if the title is pretty the same. This one is the sexiest and it was used in the kdrama “The producers”)

Enjoy ^-^ Let me know if you like one of these songs and which is your favourite if you want :wink:


“insider” Grouppppiiiieeee :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rofl::rofl:


Some old Kpop songs I found while researching the history of Kpop, specifically, first, second, and third generations.

Seo Taji and Boys (an oldie! from the 90s, maybe '92?)

H.O.T (another classic group)

The MV of the same song

Here is the same group years later.

Papaya (from 2000)

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