K-Pop Star Season 4 Discussion - Who are you rooting for?

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K-Pop Star Season 4 has some episodes posted and is just recruiting a team to get working on them. If you are interested, please contact jimee, or me, the channel managers.

We are currently looking for moderators, segmenters, subbers etc.

I check here regularly too. So if you’re interested you can reply here as well.

Hello! I can help Segment!

hello i can help on subtitling i know english and spanish!!

Excellent! The best thing to do is go to the channel and PM the Spanish Moderator or the Channel Manager, jimee.

Welcome to the team. We can probably use more segmenters if you know of any experienced ones.

We still have several languages not represented by Moderators or subtitlers.

I got the message about the subbing and thought that since I haven’t subbed much in K-pop Star I should. I’m thinking that I can at least sub a part maybe even two if it’s needed. I know subbings need to at least catch up with the episodes. I’ll sub part 1 right now just in case someone duplicates.

At Least, as much as I can…

Any contribution is greatly appreciated!

So has anyone watched an of the episodes? Who are you pulling for or impressed with?

I think Esther Kim could be one to watch closely. There are several others that I really like, too.

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Oh my gosh! The 6 year old dancing to Sistar’s “Touch My Body” is so cute!!! I can’t stand it. She’s going to be an international, Triple Threat!

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Actually, she’s probably really only 5 in the-rest-of-the-world years! :angel:

I think Grace Shin has an amazing voice and takent. There are a lot of other great contestants, too.

But I don’t really care that much for Lee Jin Ah, the composer girl with a baby voice, or Park Yoon Ha, the girl who sang Nami’s Sad Fate. They weren’t bad but I thought others in their team were better. They each won the first place in their group during the ranking audition. When I was younger, I knew lot of girls with purer and more beautiful voice in a choir than Park Yoon Ha. Before anyone starts telling me why those girls are musical geniuses, it’s just my personal preferences.

On the other hand, the song about Mother by the other songwriter girl really touched my heart.

I like Grace Shin too, but my favorites are Aida Wong and Esther Kim and I really like some of the guys as well.

I like Esther Kim, too. I honestly can’t remember other people’s names. I’m about to watch Ep. 7 so I can post more later.

I also like Jun Sohyun, the one who used to have orange hair. I thought Na Soohyun, who was in Voice Australia, was also great. In the team competition, I liked her team’s Shake it off so much more than the Park Yoon Ha’s team that had rather odd harmony. To me Park Yoon Ha’s team’s voices would fit better with manhwa (Korean anime) title songs or children’s choir songs. Again, this is just my opinion.

Wow Jung Seung Hwan and Park Yoon Ha in today’s episode (9) were amazing.

I ‘flipped through’ to see what’s coming, but I’m so excited to see and hear what’s actually being said! I need you for that!

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My favorite for Ep. 9 was Na Soo Hyun and Lili M. combo.