K-Underground (K-R&B, K-Rap, K-Hiphop)?

Hey! Are you listening to K-Underground (K-R&B, K-Rap, K-Hiphop)?

If it’s yes? Tell me about your favorite singers and rappers, even if its a male or female artist also you can talk about groups or crew. And if it’s no, just tell me, if you want to know more about it! :smiley:
It’s particulary an explicit music sometimes.

Some K-underground people joined K-pop groups like :

Zico & Kyung - Block B

Zico still belong to Buckwilds

Rap Monster & Suga & J-Hope - BTS


She belonged to Jiggy Fellaz

Bang YongGuk - B.A.P

And others… Anyone?

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I’ll just leave these three here… :blush:







I’ve never heard Yongguk’s and Rapmonster’s song beacause of exams, and I really appreciated you share. thank you verry much!

Welcome :wink:

BTS just released a new song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DOuhvBJqKVY

Zico is my favorite, def. besides him I like Gary, Verbal Jint, Iron, Beenzino, Hanhae, Zion.T, Demento, i11evn, Tymee, Cheetah, Jessi

most of them aren’t really underground anymore but they’re still great

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I agree with @jaehyo I’ll just add Vasco, Bobby, dok2, Masta Wu, San E and Epik High even though they’re not really underground nor idols^^ I like very much Yongguk, TOP, Mino and Rap Monster deep voices :wink:


Rap Monster’s hip hop is the best ever

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i knew since Sunday, but thank you :slight_smile:

Woaw you have an interesting list here, I’m in love with Zico’s voice,
Gary : I appreciated his last album,
Verbal jint : his perfect especially when he sings,
Iron : don’t know about that , Is that group from YG?,
Beenzino : my main! ,
Hanhae ; its benn a long time I didnt hear his name but he has a special voice fo his age,
Zion T : perfect,
Demento : I heard about him, I also listenned to his mixtape but I prefer his friends “Rem and Moro” and Sleeq :D,
I11evn : he’s so talented
Tymee : reminded me something,
cheetah : my female main I followed her since she sang with Crush,
Jessi : don’t know about her but I will

thank you for your comment, i didn’t now some people.

I think you must listening to “real” underground rap and hiphop, for sure he’s talented, but he must improve more than Tiger Jk for example :slight_smile:

:o I know Vasco, dok2, Masta wu, San E and Epik high too.

You’re righ this is deep voices team for Yongguk, TOP, Mino and Rap Monster like is rare :slight_smile:

You probably know more than I do :wink: By the way Iron was in Show me the money, he’s definitly not in YG(the new group is called iKon haha not iron) though I don’t know where he really is, love the way he raps angrily ^^ Jessy is daebak too though I prefer cheetah because she’s less showing off :slight_smile:

PS I’m waiting and hoping so much for BAP comeback when they’ll have dealt with the suing case :frowning:

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do you have some ? I will really loved to listend more !

yess sure! I knew about Cheetah before when she was in duo with Crush for a little time in Masterpiece :

I also knew Ikon/Iron by YG’s show TV “Who’s next?”, they are pretty good in dance.

I don’t know who is Jessy, but I might think shes part of unpretty rap star, non?

Yep, just pray for BAP’s comeback :slight_smile:

There is a lot, you’ll maybe like










And other who’s not really famous but the list is long :slight_smile:

New! Not underground at all, but still good.


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This is underground :stuck_out_tongue:
Like it!

Are you french perhaps ? ^^

Yes she was part of unpretty rapstar. Ooh I didn’t know Cheetah made a duo with Crush, nice one !

you should check out Jooheon, he is from Monsta X (new debuted boy group and very talented). ^^

i wish viki could sub the hip hop show Show me the money 4 T T