[K-Variety] After School Club Recruiting segs, Kor-Eng subs and editors


I’m the new co-manager of After School Club, a variety show where each week a new kpop group is invited and interviewed, they play games, talk about their music… There are a lot of episodes to work on and there is no schedule, so you can work at your own time.

We are looking for:

  • Segmenters (graduates from Ninja Academy or Seg101) → new segments, not A&C
  • KOR-ENG translators
  • KOR-ENG editors (TE, GE).
  • ENG subbers (for Eng captions, the show combines Eng and Korean)

*For other languages, check with the language moderator. (Spanish team closed).

I know this show might be a bit difficult to segment and sub, and it might be scary since there are a lot of episodes, but we are working little by little with a few episodes at a time.

If you are interested, please PM me.



@msv I recently submitted an application to join the team as an English subber (and possibly KOR-ENG GE if possible). I am a new contributor and would love to have any work at all. How long might it take for me to hear back on whether you all would like me to join the team or not? The message said I should wait 2 weeks to hear back.

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to prove that I would be a great addition to the team! Thank you!