[K-Variety "Photo People in Paris] Recruiting Segmenters [CLOSED]

:cherry_blossom:Hello everyone,

We are recruiting urgent segmenters to carry out the program of photographers varieties in Paris, we have many fans asking for the subtitles

Please we need your help to carry out the project and make the fans happy to watch this incredible show, if you are interested in helping and have time available at Segmenting please feel free to send me a PM.

If you would like to contribute subtitles too
Please feel free to PM me. :smile:

Thank you.


I am a Korean to English/Hindi subber and segmenter with some experience. I would like to volunteer if positions are still open.


Hi I can help with Korean -> English subbing. I’m pretty new at segmenting but can still help out if it’s needed :slight_smile:

Is it still “very urgent”? If not, you may change your title. If you still need segmenters, please make a post at the bottom to let people know, because four months have passed and prospective segmenters don’t know. If you don’t need them anymore, you may also append “CLOSED” at the end of the title.

No it’s not urgent, the project was finished a while ago.

I’m writing this because there are a number of new segmenters and editors desperately looking for a project, and of course they are searching the posts, even if a bit old.
It is helpful, when one has found what one was looking for, to append “Closed” or “Solved” or whatever on the title, as a courtesy to others in Discussions.


Yes, that would be helpful :smile_cat:
I replied, just in case people still wanted to work on that project to let them know that it was closed. Hopefully @yumik will adjust the title :slight_smile:

Okay, I changed the subject since you confirm that it is indeed closed.

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