Karadayi and Kuzey guney have disapeared!

So the two of the most watched turkish shows have disappeared overnight! Can anyone tell when they’ll be back. How could viki do this!! Or if someone has the subtitles for kuzey guney episode 68-75, please share them, yourr help would be appreciated!

Look here: http://discussions.viki.com/t/karadayi-not-anymore-here/2329/4

Kurt Seyit and Sura, another Turkish drama, has disappeared

does anyone know if any of the turkish dramas will return?

I was so looking forward to watching Kurt & Sura each week, this is really upsetting. Another Turkish series that was abruptly ended was Waiting for the Sun. I watched 19 episodes & then poof it was cancelled. I wish I could understand their language because I think they have some of the best series. Korean series are good also & they translate a lot faster.
I don’t know what happened or who to contact on this web site but their should be an explanation given to all the fans.

It’s because of the rights that viki has to remove the Turkish series.
It’s hard and very expensive to get the license so there were just fan channels.
Like i remember once they said they are thinking of if they will try to get the license for Turkish dramas in future due the high costs. But i don’t know much either.

Look into this topic. I thought there was also a post from a viki staff member but i can’t find that topic right now.


Here… http://discussions.viki.com/t/karadayi-not-anymore-here/2329/4

what happens to the series Kuzey Guney? why they deleted? Does anyone know?please post again!!!

Click the link above.