Kcon 2014

Hey guys, I just wanna know is any of the Vikian going to K-con 2014. If so, we could at least meet up, and start talking. Make friends, and could even share hotel. Let me know, if you going. and what type of ticket are you getting.See you there, if u going.

I am still thinking about going , are you in LA or traveling. Is viki giving any tickets for the concerts ?

Hi @JulilArchuleta @yvia87!! This is so exciting to hear :slight_smile: Viki will be at KCON 2014 so please stop by our booth and participate in any activities we might be having.

I’ll be going! I already got my tickets. I plan to stay at my friend’s place instead of booking a hotel. However, I’d be down to meet up with other Viki members at K-Con!

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D’know. I’ll arrive in Montreal, CA from Brazil at AUG 6th… I wish I could go… but there is no VIP GA FLOOR tickets anymore…

Hi, i didn’t get to go unfortunalety because of work please take a lot of fancam and post them here so i can enjoy. Thanks

Check out the videos of Eric Nam interviewing a bunch of KPop groups (CNBLUE, BTS, IU, Girls Generation, etc) on the KCON 2014 red carpet!

What’s K-con?

KCON is a Hallyu convention. :blush: It recently took place in Los Angeles, CA and had some well-known guests and artists in attendance. I saw some videos on the Viki channel but I couldn’t be there!

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