Kcon 2016 in Paris

Hahahaha… I’m so ready to go now too. Bought a new digital camera I can bring today so I’m all set :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope they announce the program soon or give us some basic info…

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Sunnymuffins and myself are getting ready. We are seriously going to go crazy hahaha.

Oooh a new camera! (o)

For the abu dhabi KCON, seems like the info were out pretty late so we still have some time before knowing anything… (~~,)

As long as they give info before june 1st I’m fine.
Right now I’m busy doing my homework a.k.a. listen to songs of all bands who are coming and I don’t really know any songs of yet along with other songs to get in the mood.

i am so jealous my friend!!!
that sounds “totally awesome”

Yes it is I hope.
Yay Han Ji Min & Jin Goo will attend too… I hope they do a meet & greet or something.


Just packed my bag already…LOL. I hate to do it very last minute because there are always some things I forget hahaha.

Ohh this is is so hilarious even though I can’t understand most of it:

Eek! It’s in 2 days!!

Yeah and I’m completely stressed already. Lack of information and that stupid strike :frowning: But it will be worth it I hope.

Dudie, did you end up getting the QC gifts? I hope so.

No they didn’t arrive on time unless they will by miracle arrive before I hop on the train tomorrow.

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bon voyage and tons of fun!!

I’m so happy I made this thread as soon as I got a ticket for Kcon because I met some totally awesome people. Thanks a lot girls! Because of you I feel a bit less sad about not going to the convention at all after waiting in line together for so long in the cold and rain. I wonder if those Korean mother and daughter where able to get in, that food thing the mom shared with us was so delicious! And even some girls came to us to ask about the Viki bags (if you read this sorry I couldn’t understand what you where trying to ask me hahaha).

I really enjoyed the concert but I felt the sound system wasn’t the best but maybe that is because I’m half deaf now due all the screaming around me hahaha.

Ohh and hurray we got to see Jin Goo and Han Ji Min anyway! :smiley:


That’s awesome, dudie! I’m glad you got to meet some Vikians and enjoyed your time. I’m wondering what food she shared. Do you have a picture of it?

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No I have no idea what kind of food she shared… was some sort of cake thing.
Today I had so much fun with everyone at the Korean restaurant. Finally tried makgeolli, Teokkbokki and some other things I didn’t try before and the Bibimbap what can I say… it was so delicious. I really wanted to have that again since it has been so long.


A fancam of block B by me:


It seems they will broadcast Kcon on june 14th at 8PM KST on TvN, OnStyle and Mnet :grin: I need to watch that and see if we are included in that footage they gonna show. When they started filming the que I was like OMG! Hopefully they don’t gonna reuse the footage a zillion times like for SMTown they even added some in a Kdrama to make it look like some artist had a concert abroad. :sweat_smile:

All my fancams can be found in this playlist:


Thanks for sharing.

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Dudie I am so happy for you that you had a great experience at KCON.


Oh my God, I already miss you all! I was so happy to finally meet people I’ve been talking to, or just seen on viki, for so long. I hope to meet you again, Dudie! :heart:

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It was a nut and honey cake. I totally forgot what the name was :confused:

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