Kcon 2016 in Paris

I just managed to get a ticket for Kcon in Paris and I wonder if there are more Vikians goin there :smile:
Personally I’m just going there for the experience because I heard so many stories about Kcon and the concrt is amazing too of course… only know the music of FTIsland though hahahahaha.

More info here


Gosh you got a ticket? I have been refreshing like crazy since 10am this morning, but it’s a huge mess! Uuuugh. I am definitely going there as long as I get a place. Wanna meet up? :smiley:

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That’s a great lineup. You are going to have a blast. We are getting CNBLUE for KCON LA. I’m on cloud 9 over that. FTISLAND and SHINee will be here for another festival in a few days. So happy! :slight_smile:

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@littleangele Ohh yes we have to meet then! Keep trying! Hwaiting!
That site was so confusing, first I had no clue what to do, then I finally got a ticket but it was the wrong one so I had to try again, then I get a form all in French which I didn’t get so I had to translate everything which took me too long so I got kicked out. Then right at the moment I was thinking of giving up I got a ticket again. Hurray! But due all the stress I’m a guy all of a sudden hahahahahaha.:joy:

Now I’m busy looking for a good deal for a hotel where I don’t have to share a room with strangers. I’m not sure if I shall pick one close to the venue or a bit more central for sight seeing the next day.

I seriously envy you right now >.< good luck for getting nice tickets^^

I kept trying with another Vikian, and she got us two 1st class places. Bless her, wheeee! I am going to the KCON, wouhoooo! (^_^)
It was seriously such a mess. At first, I got the places then they weren’t there anymore when I wanted to pay, then the websites (all of them) bugged and nothing was available anymore. And everyone was panicking, thinking it was sold out in some minutes, but it wasn’t. Seemed like the places were released one by one, how ridiculous. I think we can join us in the “turned into guy” club, hahahaha.

Oh yeah, you have to find a room. Hmmmm tough choice. I am always staying with friends here and there when in Paris, can’t help you there, sorry. >< How long are you going to stay in Paris?

I will go to Paris on wednesday and I can’t decide yet if I stay till friday or saturday… I booked a room (read closet) now for 2 days but I’m not sure…

Do you know till what time the public transport runs in Paris? I’m not sure if I shall o for close to the venue or more central.

Ohh and hurray so we can meet up ? :smiley: I have Cat 4 tickets myself.

I see. For my part, I think I have an exam on Monday, 30th of May so I think I may just stay the week in Paris instead of going back and forth.

I checked a bit, and if I am not mistaken, public transport runs till 00:30 - 1am depending on the line. The website is http://www.ratp.fr/ (seems like there is an English version).

Yeeeees we can meet up! :smiley: I am thinking of even dropping a word on Twitter, telling people to feel free to drop by to say hi or a free hug if they ever recognize us. Crazy, me? Yup. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Aha then there won’t be anything to worry to get back to my hotel if it’s a bit further away. I’m going there alone so I don’t want anything to go wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, there shouldn’t be any problem, hopefully. (^_^) You may go there alone, but you won’t be there alone so no worry, all will be fine, haha. :slight_smile:

I just grabbed my ticket! I’m going alone, I’m going to be a bit lost in Paris at the beggining tbh but hey we should all meet up :smiley: I never met Vikians IRL!


Where are you in Cat 4? I’m also there!

@itsjoo Yay, you are going too! :smiley: I’m in Block A rang “CA4” whatever that might mean. Everyone just says a number and mine is like this. Are you close?

IM IN THE SAME ONE omg :smiley:

I won’t go because I’m saving for my trip in Korea-Japan in September :smiley:

But if you need help to understand something in french, you can ask me :slight_smile:

I wish you all a great concert ! \o/


Yeah! We are all going to meet up for sure. I will PM you my phone number and any other usernames you want. So far, I know we have you, Dudie, Sunnymuffins and me. It’s going to be so great, I am so looking forward to this! Let me know if you need some help in Paris, I know the city a bit. :wink:
Never met Vikians IRL? No waaaay. Then we HAVE to meet. :smiley:


It’s gonna be a “totally awesome” team mini meet it seems hahahaha.
I just noticed that I totally forgot that I of course know Leeteuk, F(x) and Shinee as I saw them live before. I kind of hope Shinee doesn’t do their Ring Ding Dong, that’s always stuck in my head for days hahahahaha.

Since Leeteuk is coming to MC I wonder if other Suju members will be present too even when they don’t perform on stage.


I’m finally going! I had to settle some family matters before, that’s why I wasn’t sure and almost thought of not going. But finally eveything fits perfectly so… Here I am :smile:

I was wondering with Joo, if y’all have a sitting ticket (not a standing ticket), we will not have to wait in the line for having a nice place, so what about going to the convention altogether and going to drink a cup of coffee after or before that? The convention is going to be open from 10am to 5pm and the concert place open at 6pm. It gives us enough time to meet and enjoy some time in Paris :grin:

Of course, this is a proposition, don’t feel forced to join us. It can be a short time if you feel uncomfortable, but we can happen to like each other a lot so I would like not to miss any opportunity to have fun. We all have the same passions after all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Everyone has seats so yes we plan to meet at the convention but we still need to decide on the time and such.
We still have some time left so it’s going to be okay :smile:

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I’m so pumPED I need to calm down :3