Kcon 2016

Has anyone gone to KCON 2016? It’s still going on right now (last day today) but I was wondering if any of you actually did! I got offered 2 tickets for $300 but unfortunately declined it. So, here I am… sitting at home… watching it live on KCON.TV :cry: I find it fascinating how big K-Pop and Korean culture is (even dramas). How so many people actually attend KCON. From Korean performers (obviously), celebrities, and even to Youtubers! It amazes me and makes me happy at the same time how everyone can just join as one and enjoy ‘Korean stuff’ together :joy: I remember going last year (?) and they were giving out free stuff. Some even included ‘Viki’ bags and ‘Viki’ related items which I thought was really cool.


I’ve been to the one in Paris 2 months ago… didn’t know they had their own tv channel

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I didn’t go to Toronto’s Kpop Con because all the people I knew that were going were complete Koreaboos. As in the wish they were Korean, pretend to speak Korean even though they only a few words and only want to date Korean boys. People like that make me uncomfortable.

Kcon LA and New York seem cool though.

That would make me feel very uncomfortable too. To bad you didn’t go though. When I had my ticket I just made a topic here to see if anyone wanted to meet with me there and I met some really awesome Vikians :slight_smile:


I really wanted to go to KCON too, for many years, but I don’t have any friends who likes “Korean stuff” :frowning:

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Maybe next year. It would be cool if Kcon tickets were one of our QC bonuses, that way Vikians can easily meet up.

I was mostly interested in the concerts (Gfriend and Got7) but the tickects were in the $200 range and it didn’t seem right for me to spend $400+ on concerts.

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$300 for 2 tickets? Kcon Toronto is organized by a seperate organization so I guess things work differently here.

A general admition ticket is around $30-40, if I remember correctly. But if you want to attend a concert, the tickets are generally in the $200 range and you have to buy a seperate ticked for each band’s concert.

Do your tickets just cover general admission, or do they include concerts too?

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I went to KCON in Paris and the tickets were really cheap. 75€ ($80) for the cheapest and like 110€ ($115) for the most expensive.

Wow. Does that cover the cost of all the concerts as well?

@youraverageangel Yes that covered the concert and the convention. But it was a disaster. There where thousands of people who wanted to go to the convention before the concert while the convention place could only hold 500 people or less.

Their excuse: “We didn’t expect it would be so popular…” yeah sure of course they didn’t :rage:

We waited for hours… sometimes in the rain… for nothing… but the concert was amazing.

KCON 2016 LA was awesome. The concerts were great. My favorites? SHINee, Monsta X, Turbo , BTS and Amber. Overall, it was a great convention. Can’t wait for 2017. :wink: