KCON USA 2015 LA and NY

Anyone planning on going this year ? LA or NY. What group would you like to see perform there?

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I want to go, but of course it depends on who is performing…
My Wish List:
Block B and/or Bastarz
Crayon Pop [ currently the only Girl Group that peeked my interest ]
B.A.P. [ not having high hopes to see them, with the whole legal issue with their company ]

I would love to go but I live too far away and do not have enough money to even think about it. I will say I always love a performance by CNBlue. FT Island would be great. BigBang and Shinee would be fun as well.

I would love to… but you see Europe is pretty far :’(
My wish list

  • Bigbang
  • Epik High
  • 2ne1
  • Block B
  • Ikon
  • BAP
  • Topp Dogg
  • Winner
  • Mamamoo
  • BTS
  • Spica
  • Ft Island
  • Cnblue
  • Lee Hi
  • IU
  • Ailee
    ^^ long list I know. I would love to see JYJ too although it’s a bit impossible

yeah me too there is not alot of european concert…

You are so right :frowning: Not so long ago I had my first kpop concert with ft island and then Block B, damn it it was awesome… I felt so lucky and even now I’m not realizing it, I’m thinking that I might not see them again in a loong time … korean people are so lucky to be able to see them perform, talk etc almost every month…

Super Junior has been confirmed for the KCON LA I wish I could go!!! :sob:

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Is anyone going? I can’t, I live too far away and have no $$$.

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I’m going to the LA convention and concert for Day 1 only. So excited!!

Sounds fun! I am starting to think I live in the wrong state. :grinning:

Vixx is coming to Toronto Kpop Con in May ! Check out their official announcement yourselves ! https://youtu.be/qTAgzulF9eo
It will be a full showcase so 10+ songs plus fan interactions. Any starlights here? =D