Kdrama and that one scene that is imprinted in your memory forever

Hello all,

i am new here and am curious if you have that one drama and that once scene that is imprinted in your memory forever. I have seen many, but there is that one scene that i occasionally go back just to see and check is it still my best scene ever.

For me is the Devil Judge episode 2, at 25:20 the start of the car race, with highlight of the kid in the train, on the bridge at 27:06 that crazy bass guitar and female voice at 28:00 just add complete moment and its just my favorite, the top of the tops.
What’s yours ?

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Move to Heaven … when he finally let’s go of his father at the memorial park and returns to the tree for a final hug [tears everytime, even now]

My Mister - he returns from having taken his wife to the airport. The terrible storm in his life has passed and normality returns as he carries out some domestic chores then out of nowhere he experiences a dam burst of tears and crumples.

Hospital Playlist - Cho Jung-Seok suggests to Shin Hyun-Bin they should be together. Not hearing, or pretending not to hear she turns to the window and comments on it raining.

Chocolate - when Woo Sung-Min, the space boy returns to his planet [now in floods of tears]

Recent one …

Doctor Cha - When she’s out for drinks with her hospital colleagues and they ask about her personal circumstances (husband, family, children etc. Her connections to a senior doctor and her son are secret). With complete devilment she announces that her husband is long dead, which comes as a huge shock to him as he’s there at the table. The soju goes everywhere.


Now you’ve got me curious. :wink:

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@steviepics_788 @leerla73

DR CHA is awesome to watch I give it a 10. That was the funniest scene I have ever seen in a SK drama. I get so anxious waiting for the next episode. I also loved, loved when she gets on the hunk’s motorcycle ‘‘since she doesn’t have a husband’’ you know…after all, she is a widow… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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It has gotten very real, hasn’t it. This being a Korean show, I suspect it may all hand so-so-happy after, but I’d love to see her break away.

I’d be especially pleased to see that terrible mother-in-law of hers get her nose put right out of joint.

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You don’t know how badly I want to see it happening that she breaks away from that disgusting husband, and stays with that hunk and finally find the happiness she truly deserves after all those years of humiliation her husband put her through. But… (always a but), I saw years back the same story line (typical of SK dramas) and the woman stays in the end with the ‘‘jerk’’ husband. I know they will make it so she stays with her husband, and omg that nasty mother in law that thinks she’s a maid and treats her worst than a maid. I have never despise a role as much as that mother in law (I’m glad she’s going to get her karma soon) don’t want to write a spoiler but Saturday can’t come soon enough for me. lol

PS. Are you watching THE GOOD BAD MOTHER? That is another awesome watch on Wednesday and Thursday.

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the people running up stairs to escape capture, or that white truck!

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Hated hated the ending in Dr. CHA but i knew it was going to be a FLOP.

BUT the GOOD/BAD MOTHER was #1 in my book. The ENDING was everything I wanted to be. Please watch if you can.