Kdrama Happiness Reaction - EPISODE 4 UPDATE 🎉


If you liked Happiness. I managed to get a you tube couple to react to the episodes of Happiness. They are very knew to the kdrama world so they might be ignorant on some things so hopefully they learn more and more about the awesomeness of kdramas.


Here is the link to the reaction to episode 1:

And here is the link to the reaction to episode 2:


Here is Episode 3 Reaction of Happiness from Booth and Mushi :tada::tada::tada::tada:

Just a reminder that Booth and Mushi are new Kdramas so please feel free to educate them on anything in comments section.


Booth and Mushi have now reacted to Episode 4 of Happiness and they are loving it more and more. :tada::tada::tada::tada: