Kdrama recommendations please - crime/corruption themes


I am super excited to hear those two shows are similar to K2. The Player sounds right up my street (makes me think of a movie called Now You See Me) but unfortunately it’s not available in my region…but hey, it’s still making it on my to watch list.


Someone above mentioned Cold Eyes, I whole heartedly agree with this. Another good crime movie is Commitment

Some of my favorites in the Crime genre are…

slow paced, but the acting is amazing, I love Nam Da Reum in this (the ML as a kid)

This one’s about a serial killer, so not sure if it fits your criteria

not political at all, just crime

Has anyone mentioned Suspicious Partner?

I just remembered a couple of Choi Jin Hyuk crime dramas, I haven’t finished the first two, what I did watch I liked, and I’m not sure about the last one, but it has a decent rating. Not on Viki, but Rugal is definitely crime and corruption, but it’s another one I haven’t finished. (I couldn’t tell you how long my on-hold list is)


And I love Confidential Assignment but not on VIKI


Yes, it’s a teensy bit like Now You See Me! Team of con-artists. But no fancy magic tricks :grimacing: There’s a hacker, a guy who beats up people, a girl who can drive anything and the brains behind every operation. And loads of comedy in between.


I think you’ve just sold me the next kdrama to watch! This sounds like a dream team cast haha.


but I always give everyone who watches this one warning: THERE IS NO ROMANCE.
I actually stopped watching about three episodes in because I was disappointed over the lack of romance (I started shipping two characters but realized it’s more of a sibling relationship).

Once I got over it, I LOVED the drama. I stopped even wanting romance because the way they treat the FL like their younger sister is ADORABLE. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: they’re a bunch of annoying siblings, competing with each other for “Favorite Oppa” status with her :joy: it was really wholesome.

Hope you like it!


Well Viki had

  • Crime Squad 38 which is called 38 Task Force and some other.

It’s a well done Crime/Police drama with the handsome Seo In Guk.

This is one a political corruption drama, really well done:

and this is good as well, it’s about power/money corruption:

It used to be titled “Neighborhood Lawyer Jo” why was it changed and to Mr. Joe which is more american sounding??? I even asked to fix this, lol :rofl: but no, I think it’s because of Kocowa.