Kdrama recommendations please - crime/corruption themes


I’m quite new to the k-drama fandom, so would appreciate a little bit of guidance.

Below are some shows I’ve watched and adored to bits. Also had my heart ripped out a few times.

  • Vincenzo
  • The K2
  • Descendants of the Sun
  • Man to Man
  • Healer
  • Vagabond

The reasons why I loved these shows were due to the plot progression revolving around crime/government corruption/trying to avenge wrongs. There’s also the right dose of romance in them; the romance doesn’t necessarily lead the plot. Rather it’s a bonus that develops naturally and doesn’t derail anything.

I would love to be recommended any shows that have a similar vibe. Currently on the hunt for my next watch! (No spoilers hehe, and if you would love to discuss any of the mentioned shows, please go for it!)

Kiya ~


You watch mostly dramas on Netflix, don’t you?
Because on Viki there would be be TONS of such dramas.



Yep, I started out on Netflix, and just recently joined Viki in the hopes of finding a wider range of dramas :slight_smile: Do you have any recommendations? I’ve had a browse and added quite a few to my list, but unsure as to where to start :confused:


I guess at first we will recommend all the same:

Flower of Evil
Taxi Driver
The Devil Judge
Juror 8 (movie)!!!
Cold Eyes (movie)
Insider/Inside Man (movie)
Heartless City
Kill it
Lie after Lie
Secret Love
Zombie Detective
Were Stars Land
Someday or One Day (TW, the others were Korean)
Lost Romance (TW)

for example.

Penthouse I-III and Awaken are still on my watchlist.


Not all shows are available in all regions, so maybe some are not accessible for you at Viki.


Thank you so much! Appreciate this. I’ve heard a lot about Penthouse and Taxi Driver (one of the main reasons I decided to explore Viki).


Thank you for this list! Appreciate it :slight_smile:

City Hunter was one I wanted to try watch, but unfortunately it’s not available in my region for now :frowning:


I watched it a little later after it aired, and since then it is without license in my region. I would suggest Lawless Lawyer to you, it might not have too much romance but has the right amount of suspense.

These are not bad, not much romance either:

If you have a long breath and along comes romance and family feuds and story twists, tragedies:


One that I absolutely love but doesn’t get much attention is Watcher. I usually prefer to have at least some romance in the shows I watch, but even though this one had NONE, it still became one of my absolute faves! Highly recommend.


By order of preference:

This show got shortened because it rang to true for Korean authorities:

On NX:

  • Stranger (goose bumps)
  • Law School (incredibly smart and fun at the same time)
  • Argon
  • Hyena

And something slightly outside of any genre, but an absolute favorite:

Itaewon Class - revenge drama you’ve never seen before. Also deals with economic corruption of the rich.


Another with courtroom and some corruption themes.


I’m still working on this but it has about 79 shows in the collection and I try to put a heart if romance is included.

At the bottom of the collection is discussion posts with gifs to get you excited about the drama


When you want a different flavor of corruption in drama:




Why am I no longer surprised?


I mentioned Namkoong Min! I wasn’t bias! hahahahaha!


It’s precisely because you mentioned him, normally you only mention Junho, haha!


Sketch, Lawless Lawyer, Sleuth of Ming Dynasty.
If you check out my binge worthy collection there are several there.
Right now I am watching Pride and Prejudice.

I want to do a link for Sleuth but it keeps putting in in Spanish. lol


Lawless Lawyer and The Great Show (already recommended here) are THE best corruption-political shows I have ever watched. Very similar to K2 in that area. Lawless Lawyer is more action while The Great Show has more politics.

This one is also REALLY good… they basically a team of con-artists who loot people who are already in the black money business. Lots of corruption-fighting. It’s fun to see these anti-heroes win. Lots of action, teamwork and comedy.

A teensy bit of politics, but the crime-solving is the highlight here… quite a lot of twists and turns.

If you like hard-hitting crime with comedy, Team Bulldog is pretty good


Don’t worry, it happens from time to time, but normally it brings you to the language you chose at first and if not you always have the option to change the language at the bottom of a channel page.