Kdrama scenes that made you laugh so hard... (spoilers)

There are some scenes in kdramas that made me laugh so hard, my sides ached and I had trouble breathing! Here are two of my favorites.

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” i.e. “Goblin” - We are having technology issues._… The phone scene between Goblin and Grim Reaper - If you haven’t seen it, that’s all I’m telling you. You’ll have to watch it. My chest actually hurt and I had problems breathing because I was coughing and choking and laughing so hard! :joy: :rofl: I was not expecting it and it was just too good! Great dead-pan comedy! Perfect delivery! A classic. There were so many great scenes but that one was my favorite.

Fight My Way” - Dong Man gets jealous - Just about the entire episode 7 was hilarious. Park Seo Joon was so good at being jealous in this episode. Just about every little scene had these bits and pieces of ‘jealous’ treasure. I had to hit replay so many times because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t read the subtitle much less see the screen from the tears of laughter getting in the way. And his younger self’s ‘love fart’ at the end had me howling. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy: You may say what’s so funny about stupid fart jokes. But that scene explains Dong Man’s persona perfectly. You’ll have to watch the previous episodes to really appreciate episode 7. Don’t just skip to that episode. :grin:

괜찮아 요- Ok, So what are your favorite scenes?


“Kill Me Heal Me”- any scene of Yo Na’s is hilarious… and ahh yes the infamous scene where Yo Na jumps out and screams out OPPA to Ri On in those hilarious clothes of “hers” and everyone stares at them. haha AND THEIR EXPRESSIONS, I can’t.


I Am Not a Robot-“Oh, it’s a cat! Oh, it’s master!” scene
Tale of Nokdu- “I am… your mother.” scene


History of the Salaryman - it’s just hilarious, no spoiler but a picture …


What’s wrong with secretary Kim? - The office chair kiss at the end of Ep 5. The look on secretary Kim’s face, I think it was something like this >> :kissing_heart:
One of the best kissing scene ever, I’ve often gone back to watch just that clip alone!


I second that, also from that episode I am not a robot - The restored power scene. The reaction of the support team when they managed to restore power for the communication link to midst of AG3’s tirade against CEO for trying to check her “Batteries”. Even her tirade was hilarious, the subtitlers must have had their work cut out for them trying to translate the bizarre meaning.(sending him back to Andromeda and bungee jumping!)


0k my’all my favorite scene, for now, is OH, MY BABY, when the girl turned to the other girls which were younger than her and (they teased her about her love life) and said, I am your future, you have to watch to understand it. and with someone my age, it was really funny

I am sorry was that a spoiler?


Another Miss Oh , Designated driver price discussion.
Another Miss Oh , Bra Pad

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I just got through binging on Kill Me Heal Me! TREASURE!

[spoiler]This show is an absolute delight!. Yes, the reason for the chaos is a sad one but the comedic treasure of all the main characters make this a must see and the MUSIC! OMG! “Dance of the Knights” is PERFEcT background music for when Cha Do Hyun, (Ji Sung) has his ‘episodes’ and his other personalities manifest and bring chaos to his life. The plodding, deliberate tightly controlled base is Cha Do Hyun trying to keep it all together while the delightful, manic violin that goes all over the scales represents all his dizzying personalities bursting into the chaos that is his life.

and poor ‘Oh Ri-on’ (Park Seo Joon) is an absolute delight in this one especially when he is terrified of and traumatized by ‘Yoo Na’, one of ‘Cha Do Hyun’s’ personalities. Yoo Na has a fangirl crush on Oh Ri-on and terrorizes him every fangirling chance she gets.

and ‘Oh Ri Jin’ (Hwang Jeong Eum) is the psychiatrist who tries her best to mend the chaos that is Cha Do Hyun and along the way, learns important things about her own past.[/spoiler]


Yes thats why I have watched it so many times! love it!

I’ll put another one on, I am rewatching Firey priest for the 3rd time, has made me laugh so much!
two cops, 3rd time, can you just imagine switching bodies and taking up that persons ways? so funnyt,


My favorite scene was from Weightlifting fairy Kim Bok Joo.

When Bok-joo gets jealous of a girl touching Joon-hyung’s arm and reveals that they are dating. The reactions of their friends were just absolutely hilarious.


The Fiery Priest: it was one of those scenes that are too vulgar to watch bc it has to do with poop, but those scenes in particular were hilarious, like when the gangster stuff their mouth with food and it was laced with a laxative component. I have never laughed so much with a ‘‘toilet humor’’ scene like I did then. I think is mainly that particular actor that he’s so funny (although when he was mean I didn’t like him) after his very well deserved punishment all i could do was laugh hysterically.


I also don’t liked the toilet scenes, but yes I laughed so much in those scenes!

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I loved and laughed with that particular scene bc you don’t see the disgusting stain of ‘‘poop’’ in his pants (i didn’t see it) you just see his agonizing pain and run to the bathroom. They all ran but the meany boy was the funniest.

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Descendants Of The Sun I did NOT expect iit to be so funny! Especially the scenes where

  1. the flight attendant girls send a package to the guys and they run like the WIND :joy:
  2. THE WHOLE RED VELVET SCENE I WAS WHEEEZING! I had to pause to catch my breath :rofl::rofl:
  3. The landmine prank he pulls oh man I really thought the drama would be all serious and bloody, and military and operations/surgeries and stuff but it had me all cracked up in no time!
    One of the best Kdrama out there!:heart_eyes:
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