Kdrama show genres question

Is there a way to find out which of the Kdramas are more serious or light and comedic? So far I’ve only watched the really funny, sweet romance shows and I love those the best. The last 2 nights I started watching a show labeled as romance but it seems so serious almost like an American soap opera would be. I only really like the rom-coms. I’m not into the really serious shows. By the way, the comedy is so over the top funny it’s sidesplitting in a lot of the great shows I’ve been watching. Kdramas do an excellent job of keeping you entertained. I’m definitely a big fan!

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If you haven’t watched Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – please do so!


i don’t think there is any way to find that out. you could, however, browse through fan collections, which are made by fans (like us) that recommend different genres. here is one you might be interested in:


Side note: that collection is not made by me

I just finished writing a review of that one today. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I will take a look at that. Thank you. :grinning:

Update: I just took a look at that list and there’s a bunch there I saw already that are awesome, so this person seems to be on my wavelength. :+1: I will browse and add more to my watch list for later. Thanks again!

glad to be of help :slight_smile: have fun watching :purple_heart:

I have noticed this too!!! Look at the colors (mainly in clothes) on the posters or promo photos. Weird I know but its so true. When they are using light spring-y colors it tends to have a more fluffy light-hearted feel be much more rom-com. Darker colors, or edgier, sexier clothes are gonna be a bit more serious.

You could also look at other dramas from the same writers. They usually don’t change their style.

What shows have you already watched that you like so I can figure out what to recommend?? Most k-dramas have romance, comedy and some depressing parts so it is difficult to find ones without drama… Shopping King Louis, Dear Fairy Lady Kong Shim, Fight My Way, Let’s Fight Ghost, Splish Splash Love, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (9 tailed fox) are a mix of comedy, romance and some drama

My favorites are Shopping King Louie, The Man Living in Our House, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Legend of the Blue Sea, The Great Doctor, She Was Pretty, Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste and Rooftop Prince.

Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, Modern Farmer (more comedy than romance), Witch’s Romance (great chemistry with the leads and a great bromance), Suspicious Partner ( great chemistry with the leads), Flower Boy Next Door (Yoon Si Yoon is hilarious and adorable), Weightlifting Fairy Kim ( leads are dating in real life and his b/f is hilarious), Runway Cop (Korean version of Miss Congeniality except it is a guy that gets the makeover), Please Come Back Mister ( body swap with Rain) and You’re Beautiful (Hong Ki and Jang Seung Suk are hilarious and romance)