Kdrama still going strong

When the Corona crisis started I was thinking there would be quite a bit of cancelled Kdrama and delays due the virus just like in China. Specially with their well known live broadcast format. But as time goes by I’m getting a bit surprised it doesn’t seem to affect the Kdrama scene to much next to one week delay for some Kdrama a few weeks ago.

Now I wonder if they finally switched to a more pre produced format or are all those actors, crew and everyone involved taking extra risks to please us all? There are still quite a lot of kissing scenes, hugging, drinking soju from the same glass, sharing plates of food, piggy backs etc etc in Kdrama.

Now I know that Korea deals with the crisis a bit differently then my country at the moment but still when I look at some scenes I can’t help but worry a bit about everyone’s safety.


I read an article that now most of the scenes are done in separate rooms, and they edit the recording, they make it look they were together in the scene, and of course they had to rewrite a lot of the story. I also read in the article that all female leads refuse to do any kissing scenes and have walked out in mid recording bc they are so afraid. I just wish I could find articles on how the idols/actress are coping with this situation. Here in NY all singers, actors, actress have done videos so everyone can enjoy seeing how they spend their lock down…


seen some of them on facebook, some did about coronavirus. made me laugh, I was just curious, glad to know. thanks for the info.

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I was a bit disappointed by Samuel Jackson’s video bc he used a lot of curses. But it turns out he was just playing a role from a movie he made; that his character cursed all through the movie.