Kdramas during Olypmics

Can you name some Kdramas that would go with the Olympics theme?

To start, here are a few from me:

  1. Weightlifting Fairy, Kim Bok-joo
  2. Grand Prix (movie)
  3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
  4. Champion (movie)

Well -
My Secret Romance - Sung Hoon the ML was actually a athlete - he was a swimmer - there is a swimming scene
Fight My Way - (not a favorite) but he is in Mixed Martial Arts
Oh My Venus - They work out like crazy - Great Flirty Workouts
Secret Garden - she is a stunt woman - they workout a lot
Bow Than Kiss - Archery - Movie
To The Beautiful You sports I think track
High School King sports football maybe

Looking through my list those are the only ones with some “sporty” type things that I can think of

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Some Kdramas from my list that would qualify:

Matching! Boys Archery (Archery)
Moorim School (If I remember correctly, they train in various physical activities and fighting techniques, some of which might be seen in the Olympics?)
Racket Boys (On Ntfx - badminton)
Run On (On Ntfx - ML is a national athlete in track)
Thirty but Seventeen (the younger brother is a rower on the crew team)
Thumping Spike 1 & 2 (volleyball)

And some C-dramas also, just for fun:
First Romance (FL is a javelin thrower)
Go! Goal! Fighting! (Soccer)
My Mr. Mermaid (Swimming)
Sweet Combat (Boxing)
The Best of You in My Mind (Archery)


Hate the drama with a FIRE but Who Are You School 2015’s ML was a swimmer. Nam Joo Hyuk really loves water, I guess :joy:

18 Again the ML, his son, the secondary couple SML and some other guys are on the basketball team. SML is a baseball player so lots of baseball and basketball games.

Not really sports, but Lawless Lawyer has lots of martial arts and he trains FL a bit too.

You Are My Hero the military guys play basketball but not a lot

Well-Intended Love has quite a bit of fencing

Oh My Venus has professional boxing(or wrestling I can’t remember)… the ML is a boxers trainer.

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Oh yes that is true and guess who it is - OUR SWIMMER - Sung Hoon -
mixed martial arts maybe - boxing.

I was going to say lawless lawyer but I wasn’t really sure that was a sport thing or not

Wasn’t there a Lee Jong Suk with some boxing -??? Can’t remember what one that was - was it W - where he had his body guard teach him boxing - there are actually a lot of boxing shows.

Aw, Midnight Runners - Park Seo Joon wasn’t there working out and boxing???

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Some sport-themed dramas are gone like:

Dr. Champ - I think this one was about the Asian games, but could as well have talked about Olympics, anyway, this was as close as a sport drama I ever saw, with portraying sportsman and -women and the doctor in a training camp I believe. It is no longer on Viki.

Basketball - but I remember being told it was a hard watch, so I am not sure, but will at least mention it

Maybe some movies, since we are at it:

As One This one was pretty good, but no longer on Viki

Run Off - Is actually about making a female ice hockey team for the Olympics

Our Finest Hour - good one too, about handball.

Sport orientated dramas:

My favorite sports drama at Viki at the moment, no Olympics but Baseball

Not a drama but a show, don’t have access, but maybe you:

Btw. E-Sports is Olympics since this year, but I have no clue which drama takes this topic and I think most of them are from China.

From other countries:

No more …


Thank you all for your lists. I can’t believe there are so many! You’re the best!


Aw I forgot about Handsome Tigers

Cha Eun Woo is so CUTE in that!


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Not really summer Olympics but I didn’t realize there were so many sports related Dramas. These have baseball, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Equestrian, Hockey

Witches is 2021 Variety show

Grand Prix is a 2010 movie but it was added to Viki recently so I watched it (since Kim Tae-hee was in it).

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I don’t think Mr. Heart has been mentioned. Training for and running a marathon.

There’s the various seasons of Idol Star Athletics Championships

If you explore topics, there are 3 pages of dramas in the sports genre

It’s actually hockey :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well it’s Seo In Guk so he can do anything he wants! hahahahah!

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