Kdrama's your planning to watch when it airs

I am planning on watching

My Unfortunate Boyfriend
Gangnam Blues

Too many to watch still but I wouldn’t mind seeing the one Lee Joon has coming up, “Heard it as a Rumor” or something like that. Honestly, I have not seen Mr. Baek or anything else but for some reason it piqued my interest. Also, Lee Jungshin has a drama(2 episode) coming up. Yes, I am a CNBlue fan, can you tell? :smiley: It is hard for me because I am still trying to finish, Marry Him if You Dare and I Hear Your Voice from 2013. I just can’t get caught up in in time for the 2015 dramas. Oh, I tried to watch a drama with Puff and Aaron Yan too. I am just so behind.