Kill it

oh my goodness! this was an awesome drama, yeah scenes of violence and such, on the edge of my seat! I hated for it tto end as it did, but I think it was necessary for the long run. this was so good though, the actors & actresses did a fantastic job, and the subbers did too! as for the writers, hats off to you guys. so good ! thanks for a drama like this!


It was a nice different kind of drama. I loved it from beginning to end. The ending was expected since there was no way out for him. He was going to jail and that would lead also to his execution.

Asian writers are not more creative when they can. The writer should have made the ending that since his father tried to kill him, and those he killed where monster the new non corrupt President should have giving him a pardon but he had to be exiled, and of course the love of his life (detective girl) could joined him to that exile and live happily ever after.

Where were all those police officers when those poor children were killed for their organs? So many police officers to kill a hero who only killed bad people. I’m so used to bad endings I didn’t let his death bother me. The drama could have a better ending if the writer took his/her time to work it out better.

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I do agree with you,no way out… but still just wish there was another ending. no complaints though, this was an awesome drama from start to finish. and what got me, he smiled at the end!

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Are you watching ABYSS? from SK (there are a few with that same title) it’s on Ntflx It’s a great drama and I hope they add it here. Going to fill a request form.

no, but I will. and will add a request too

YESS!! I finished it yesterday and I cried so much! I really like it and already added it to my favorite drama list!