Kim Jae Joong (김재중) - Official Thread

Welcome to Kim Jae Joong’s Discussions thread! Chat about the popular South Korean singer-actor and star of “Triangle” and “Spy” here!

BIO: Kim Jae Joong is a popular South Korean singer, actor and composer. Born as Han Jae Joon on January 26, 1986, the star was given up for adoption and his adopted family changed his name to Kim Jae Joong. He has stylized his name as JaeJoong as a music artist and also went by the name Hero Jaejoong. Kim Jae Joong started his music career as a part of the boy band TVXQ, serving as the lead vocalist from 2003 to 2010. After the group went on hiatus, Kim Jae Joong formed the pop trio JYJ with Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu. Kim Jae Joong successfully crossed over into acting and has starred in several popular drama series, including “Protect the Boss,” “Dr. Jin,” “Triangle” and “Spy.”

FUN FACT: Jae Joong’s childhood dream was to own a supermarket so he could eat all the cookies he wanted.

Fantastic in Triangle and that is where I first heard him sing. A voice that is so sweet and clean.