King is Not Easy WP - every Sunday @8:30 PM CET



Who would like to join a Watch Party for King is Not Easy? It’s a romantic comedy.

I don’t know if the show is any good, because I haven’t seen the series yet, but I saw a trailer on MDL and it looks like the show is going to be funny. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it or not, just as long as you won’t spoil anything. :slight_smile:

The show consists of 20 episodes, and an episode last about 30 minutes so I’d like to try to run this show on a weekly basis, starting this Sunday February 6, probably around 08:30 PM CET (GMT+1) or 20:30 as we would say in my home country. I’m probably going to watch 4 episodes a week (depending on the interest and your availability).

Please let me know if you are interested. :slight_smile: This way I know if I should host the watch party or just watch the show on my own.
When you are interested, but you would like me to change the time to for example an hour earlier or later, or if I should stop after 3 episodes so you could go to bed on time, please let me know, I’ll try to host this in a time slot that most people can watch.
You can let me know by responding on this thread, but if you rather send me a (private) message, that’s also fine.

I’ve been thinking about holding Watch Parties for a while, but wanted to wait until things at home would be a bit more settled, which is the case currently, before I would try to host a watch party.

The watch party will be hosted in English. You can still watch the subtitles in the language you prefer, but the chat will be in English. The chat is text only, so you don’t have to worry about a camera of a microphone.
When you join the watch party, please feel free to write in the chat, after all it’s a watch party, and the chat can help make it fun, if we let each other know what’s on your mind, and what you like about the show or what you think about the scenes you are seeing, like about their clothes or characters and so forth.

If some people are interested, I’ll post a link to the watch party in this thread on Sunday.


That really looks cute! Let me convert the time to MT I’ll come back. I am in the middle of posting my WP which is starting soon.

Ok! 8:30 PM CET is 12:30 PM or NOON Mountain Time. That works for me. Every Sunday? Ok I’m in! :sunglasses: Hopefully we can get some other CET viewers here.

@everyone interested


Thanks porkypine90_261.

The show is about a cook/maid and an emperor who swap souls.
So if you are interested, feel free to let us know.


Yes, Post the Watch Party link here so I can join


Sure, I will post the watch party link tomorrow.


Episode 1 starting in approximately 45 minutes:

Link to watch party for King is Not Easy


Hi everybody,

Last week, we watched episode 1-4 with a small group of people, and tomorrow, we are going to watch ep 5-8. Feel free to join us if you are interested. It’s a funny and light romantic comedy. Nice for in between your other (melo)dramatic or thriller series. Short and sweet. Episode 4 ended with an open end (a sort of a cliffhanger), so feel free to join us and see what will happen next.

I’ll post the link to the watch party tomorrow.



Phew! I thought I missed it! lol Less 8:30 PM CET is noon:30 MT sets alarm


Feel free to join us:


This show is so darned CUTE!


Cute indeed.
I wonder what will happen next.
That’s why I’ll host a new watch party for King is Not Easy tomorrow.
In case, you would like to catch up, tomorrow we are going to watch episodes 9-12.
Same time, at 08:30 PM CET.

Feel free to join!
Tomorrow, I’ll post a link to the watch party.


Hi everyone,

:droplet::cyclone:I’m a bit early, but the strong wind and heavy rain is making me want to watch series. :slight_smile:

So I’ll post the link here. Like I announced earlier, we will start with episode 9 at 08:30 PM CET. Only one hour and 45 minutes left.

Link to watch party - starting with ep 9 of King is Not Easy.


Last week ended with a scene that reminded me of a scene from Romeo and Juliet

Are you ready to find out what will happen next?

You’re welcome to join me, as I’m hosting episode 13-16 of the King is Not Easy.

The King is Not Easy ep 13-16


Feel free to join us for the last four episodes.
Starting with episode 17. Going to war.
Episode 17-20



So many twists and surprises.
Thanks for joining.




Such a totally whacked and crazy ending. A show about an artist making a webtoon about a webtoon artist who falls in love with her character and puts herself IN the story and ends up switching souls with the king and avoids his concubines…as much as possible… and that story has multiple illusions so you don’t know WHo the heck is dreaming what! and in the end her toon lover boy falls out of the air into her life ahahaha and he is completely clueless about 2022 life. AND then! it is all just a SHOW AFTER ALL AHAHAHA

Mind blown, logic put on a shelf to gather dust, General rules to writing are also put on that shelf because this show breaks all the rules. sigh funny though.