Kingly and Queenly Vibes

A thread for actors/actresses that rock their royal status (and clothes) in their drama :grinning:

Some actors/actresses suit their role as a royal. Is it the intense stare, the gorgeous clothes, the body posture, the lighting, or the makeup? I don’t know, but the result is breathtaking!

These are some of my favorite kings and queens in terms of vibe and suitability for the role:

Zhang Bin Bin


Lee Joon Gi


Qu Chu Xiao


Peng Xiao Ran
(okay, she is a princess in this one, but she looks just like a queen to me)



I will add to this once I watch more historical dramas :smiley:


wowwwww, Chinese ancient clothes were a whole other level!!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: the only reason I even stuck till the 16th episode of Love O2O was because of the costumes…are there any historical dramas worth watching with happy endings and amazing costumes or is it too much to ask? :sweat_smile:

I found Park Bo Gum’s vibe sooooo cool in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds…he managed to look totally kingly while also being a total fun-loving man…loved it!


I saw this at Instagram. Park Bo Gum’s role from Love In The Moonlight is actually the son of of Grand Queen Dowager from Mr. Queen.

How wonderful will it be if we can get a cross series from both the dramas!!


No other Asian country can win the elaborate Chinese royal customs they make, and their sets are beyond words there are not enough words to describe the amazing beauty they display in the sets. The waterfalls, the Greenery, the paradise they manage to put in front of our eyes. I can’t say enough about this.

But then again, they destroy that magic by making stories full of sorrows, deadly battles, tragic ending and loveless romance bc they never get to stay together. I have seen my share of Chinese dramas and movies and I just can’t stomach one more tragic ending. I have met a lot of Chinese people during my lifetime and just like in their many dramas, they are always fighting, screaming and angry. They don’t smile at all, and I think in my lifetime I had 1 in a million that returned my smile, and I don’t blame them bc if this is all they see during childhood to adulthood is a learned behavior; they need to get rid of already. Thank goodness the new generation are breaking free from that baggage, and they are cute, happy and engage in conversations with me if they have to. The little ones even say goodbye and throw kisses while their grandparents look away with their hands in the back as they walk and their head to the side with obvious disdain (I just laugh).


May I contribute this one?

Lee Min Ho in “King, The Last Monarch”.

  • Chen Kun in The Rise of Phoenixes

  • Park Hyun Shik in Hwarang


agh, that velvet costume never fails to make me stop and stare :sweat_smile::heart_eyes:


Right?? I’ve been avoiding Chinese historical dramas for a while, but I recently started up again with Bloody Romance (although it’s more fantasy than historical). I have seen two that don’t end tragically.

Dr. Cutie and The Romance of Tiger and Rose

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I wish he would do more historical dramas, maybe with little to no romance. He did a great job in The Great Doctor/ Faith. He has the vibe for historical dramas :smiley:


That bothers me as well. I frequently wonder, does the concept of ‘second male lead can earn the girl’s affection" or “she finally heals from the breakup” not go through the Chinese drama writers’ minds? Why does she have to spend forty episodes lamenting the breakup that she initiated (I’m exaggerating, of course)? As I had this thought, I suddenly couldn’t remember any historical Chinese drama I’ve watched that had the second male lead end up with the female lead. What if she chooses neither the male nor second male lead, and instead decides to find someone else that isn’t in the picture but he has more desirable qualities than the two ‘choices’? (I’m going off on a tangent here, but I imagined a female lead finally throwing up her hands in frustration and marrying a man that the male leads had never even heard of, like the local blacksmith or a court physician :laughing:)

Kim Ji Suk and Lee Honey
KJS did a great job acting as a crazy king!


:joy::joy: this reminds me of the Anne series by Lucy Maud Montgomery…where Phillippa(Phil) spends most of the book whining that she isn’t able to choose between handsome, rich Alec and Alonzo, but in the end falls for a young preacher and gets married to him instead :joy:
I wonder if there are any dramas like that :thinking:


??? Where do you live? I know all kinds of people from China and that is just not true. There is a reserved ‘in public’ face and if older people do not know you, they will go around you and not interact with you. That comes from the ‘keep your head down and out of trouble’ way of dealing with outsiders. But the family at home is entirely different. Lots of laughter - frequently loud, but not fighting. Cantonese speaking people standing right next to each other can sound like they are cursing each other and shouting across a field but they are not mad. They are just loud. There is no volume control button on conversations. :grin: A gathering of two Filipinos is just as loud. :grin: I know this for a fact. I have a ton of friends and in-laws I can send your way. :grinning: (along with earplugs) :rofl:

At a family party, you should hit the majong game going on in the garage or the back room. Wear earplugs. :smile:

PONG! Slap those tiles down!



His outfit was absolutely STUNNING! That picture just does not do it justice.

Ima hafta go do some picture shopping and come back with my list!

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I would love to see that happening in my area, but is mainly very old people (the grandparents that use to bring their grandkids to the Day Care Center by me) I worry about those grouchy old man since it has been so long since I saw them (the daycare center is closed for almost a year now). As a matter of fact, I just realized the only Chinese couple I see are the owners of a Laundromat I used to go to for over 20 years. The husband was the one always screaming and fighting to his way younger wife (I thought she was his daughter) I wonder if he’s just talking to her and that’s the way he talks like he’s screaming and fighting (poor thing). Check this out, I have been spending money there and in those 20 years they never said to me THANK YOU or GOOD BYE. I even had to struggle to hold open the door while I pushed my overflowing shopping cart with the clothes. [I changed Laundromat already].

I know all kinds of people from China and that is just not true.

Just bc it doesn’t happen where you live at, doesn’t make what I wrote not true. I don’t doubt Filipinos are loud bc my niece married a Filipino, and their parties are so loud I don’t/can’t stay too long. In a party of over 100 filipino family and friends, the earplugs would have been a lifesaver for me. I just don’t go to their parties anymore. It so happens I just turn one down for this coming Sunday lol

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I agree, I tried to find a better photo but this is the best I could find. :woman_shrugging:

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I tried to grab some screen shots. Let’s see what they look like here.





hmmm. My camera is a bit shaky. Oh well! lol

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