Knowing Bros Fans, who's you're favorite member? / What do you think of the show?

I started watching Knowing Bros (Also known as Ask us Anything, and Men on A Mission) recently on Netflix and I can’t help but imagine the amount of time they put into this variety show cause it’s been on air since 2015! So now I’m curious as to how other people view the show. Naturally, I kinda feel bad for Young-Chul since he’s the joke of the 7 but at the same time, there’s always someone.


I watch KB sometimes when a guest that I like comes on the show. It’s not available on NF for me, so I have to watch it on some slightly weird sites that love to put hundreds of pop-up ads on top of the play/pause-button :roll_eyes:, but once I manage to get to an episode I think it’s always very funny and interesting to hear the stories and see the guests from a different perspective. My favorite part is always: ‘Guess about me’
I think Lee Soo-geun has very great comedic timing and it’s funny to hear his jokes.


I LOVE watching this show. Interestingly, I started watching it early on in my Kdrama journey and obviously didn’t know much, if anything, about most of the guests at the time I watched, so after I got a lot more K-ent knowledge under my belt, it was really fun to go back and re-watch episodes with actors/comedians/idols I had gotten to know over time. The episodes NEVER fail to make me laugh out loud, whether I am familiar with a guest or not. The regular members are all hilarious in their own way, and I love their antics. Soo-geun is clearly a master comedian, and Heechul is so witty.


I haven’t watched a lot of episodes but some of those that I have watched were quite entertaining.

My fav. is Kyunghoon! His awkwardness and odd remarks wins my heart. I love when he attempts to make a joke and everyone applauds him for speaking up. He’s such a warm fuzzy feeling guy.

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I really love that Kyunghoon embraces his awkward dancing!


Me too! He’s so adorable. I mostly enjoy the episodes just by watching him.

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