Kocowa Episodes no updating on Viki

Why is Viki not updating the Kocowa drama episodes on their site? It’s been 2 days now and Unpredictable Family and The Third Marriage are still pending yesterday’s and today’s episodes.

When Kocowa and Viki agree on dramas to be shown here, they also make a deal that Viki will upload them later, so as not to be a competitor to their main “master”, who is Kocowa. So it’s always hours and sometimes a couple of days after.


That wasn’t my question. I get that. Kocowa already answered it for me - they had issues with updating their system so they weren’t able to upload 2 days of drama episodes. It’s fixed now.


Well, here we are in April and apparently not fixed… and “The third marriage” has now skipped a Wednesday, why we will probably never know… Of course we understand that its not Viki, that the owner and producer of the show is Kocowa. So its probably the equipment again… Just think, had they not added the 10 episodes to make se ran and her mother look like the heros and victims, even though she’s a criminal. The show would have ended sometime in April… Now it looks like June… Ohhhhhh… A note to the writers, all data saved on the cloud like any other database, cannot be just deleted, never to be found again… when delete is hit, it throws the data high on the hard drives, to be copied over… the chances of law enforcement requesting a search for the info deleted by se ran, can probably be found by software use to search hard drives… Just like searching a hard drive on a pc…

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