Korean actor/actress- who would you want to meet?

Hey, :slight_smile:

if you could meet ONE korean actor or actress who would it be and why?

For me it would be Kang Ha-Neul:

because I think he is a really, really good actor and he isn´t that famous at the moment- he still is in the process of getting more and more famous, but yet we don´t know so much about him- so I would really like to get to know him more :blush:

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This is Really Hard Cuz I Want To Meet Them All… But If I Had to Pick One… It Would Be … ONEW

I Love All Shinee Members Nd Mostly Key, Taemin Nd Him… From All The Members, In My Opinion He is Isn’t SHOWN That Much, Nd Looks like He is Lonely… He has such an amazing personality Nd He can make the whole room not feel so empty… The Only Times He gets Recognized is For Eating Chicken Or Being The Leader… I Saw This one video of Shinee, They Had answers Questions ND Can’t Tell Lies, It Was Onew Turn Nd The Stupid Dude Asked Him If He was The LEAST Cutest Member, Nd His Answer Was Yes… I was really mad at the person for asking Such a stupid question nd i felt bad… I really want to meet him and show the world that he needs to be RECOGNIZED for his Talent Nd Personality Like The Whole Shinee Members… ONEW!

I would like to meet a true gentleman on the inside, so if I were to choose one Korean actor, than
it would be Lee Seo Jin; I have a strong feeling he is.

but it has to be an accidental meeting, not fan meeting, events open to the public.

I think I would love to meet Top
His personality seems a lot like mine and he seems such a passionate guy . Yep , i think i’ll love meet him .

I know it’s only 1 , but girl , is hard !

I want to meet so badly Kim Soo Hyun too ! No need to say why , right !? Ahh such a incredible actor !


I really want to meet This Man

Have someone from Viki community ever met a really famous Korean actor?


In my dreams hahahahha

which one and how was the meeting? :smile:

yeah, i know what you mean.
I do not want to just be ANY fan… it should be an accidental meeting, a personal talk or something like that, not just the "normal " stuff they always have to do…
But the chance that this will happen is sooooo small- but i really would :heart: to meet him.
hopefully through any mysterious accidental meeting, maybe my dreams will come true???
i have to be optimistic: We´re living on the same planet!

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Well , i had one where i was with G-dragon . We have met in a mall and for “accident” he made me fall . Later , he bought me a flying unicorn ( just kidding , the unicorn couldn’t fly . )

Anyways , there a bunch of dreams , but to be honest most of them i’m their best friend . Yep i do want to meet them but it’s to became their friend . For me , friendship is the best !

Yes , sir !!!

yes, that´s my thought too! I would really love to get to know their character and all of their different
faces, not only what you get to know by any drama/interview, and then if we would be friends, maybe… maybe we could still fall in love with each other? :wink:

yeah , they seem so interesting . I mean , i would love to have the chance to see who they really are . Not in front of cameras , that’s the wrost . But it’s what we got :frowning:

I really want to see the person behind the screen, but how do you get to be a friend of a celebrity?? I love to have day dreams about going to korea, meeting one of my favourite actors and than acting like i don´t know them, for example asking for the way and then trying to get them into a conversation… haach… my dreams…

Ahh you’re funny , i like you !

i’m soo obcess about going there . Ahh maybe one day this dream of our own will became true . Yep , i believe it !

haha ^^ i like you too :heart:
i´m going to china this summer (because i have been to a china exchange before and i´ll be visiting my exchange student again!!!) i´m so happy about it!! and she said, that maybe!! we can go to korea for 1 day! aaaaahhh i would be SOO happy if this could work! she lives near Shanghai, so korea isn´t THAT far away!
it would be sooo…

That’s amazing !!! Wow , later you must tell me how did you like it , okay ?

of course!! But it still isn´t sure, if we will really go to korea…
BUT, if it will work i´ll be like

I don’t particularly want to meet Korean actors, but  I wouldn’t mind meeting if  they look for me … :stuck_out_tongue:

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@maer90: Ha Neul is the guy from Heirs? interesting choice.

If over 26 million viewers watch videos on Viki monthly, than I must say …

-       Hey there … Kang Ha-Neul, here is a girl who’s dying to meet you, don’t be shy and give her a P.M