Korean Classes

So, I want to know if you guys know some site or something like that where I can learn korean, 'cause I really want to learn it :blush:
And I also want know how you learned it and if it is difficult :smile:

The best website is talktomeinkorean.com
The books and the private lessons are paid, but the rest of the content is all free! It’s the best online course. And, no, Korean is a very easy language. It might be difficult at first because is drastically different from what we know (anglo-saxan languages), but once you get the hang of it it becomes very easy! I recommend you start by learning their alphabet. It will make it even easier.

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Well, talktomeinkorean.com is a very good site. If you want to learn vocabulary then, memrise and anki are very good too.

There’s Tumblr posts that say many sites to learn. You just have to search.

And no, it isn’t difficult, I just know basic Korean but it wasn’t anything from another world. Success on learning! Fighting!

Thank you sooo much guys! You helped me a lot! :smile:

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