[Korean Drama] A Love To Kill recruits team members



I’m looking for team members for ‘A Love To Kill’ (2005) south-korean drama (starring Rain).

  • I need an english editor who could fix the text a bit (like adding italic style to those parts where it’s needed, etc)
  • Language Moderators (one moderator/language + QC) - I already have a spanish mod.
  • Subbers
  • Page Designer

One of my favorite Kdrama! Let’s rewatch it soon :heart_eyes:

To bad I’m a bit busy otherwise I would offer my help with editing stuff where needed.

Hi!! I can help with subs from english to spanish! :smile:

@kizy07 If you liked to join the spanish team, please message gabykimjung. ^^

Hi :slight_smile: !
If you are looking for a french moderator, you can count on me with pleasure.
Nice day.

if you are still interested for an english editor and you aren’t in a hurry let me know
i will gladly help

@viicky_w I’ve added you. :smile:

@mahoula I already got one but thanks for the offer! ^^

Thank you ! :smile:

Then it that case can I become the Greek moderator?
thank you

I’ve added you. ^^


If you want soem translator from English to French, I can join
Just please leave a message, as I am not familiair with discussion board (to see notifications)


I would love to be the german Mod, i’ve send you a PM already. And i could do the pagedesign if you want :slight_smile:

@mizu1987 I’ve added you, and you can also create the page design. ^^

@laetitvmondiale I’m not sure you have access to this show since it’s licensed region is only America (+QC’s).

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OM gosh I love this drama, one of the best ever… Rain is fantastic