Korean Drama Memes and Quotes


Love the fireworks chemistry between the leads in this show :heavy_heart_exclamation::blush:


Too late, she went over the edge of . . .

We’ll miss her, won’t we?


Down deep!



Exactly my face when I saw @natyh 's GIF.

This is why I always stay on the marked path. Hope she made it out okay.


The camera followed her, did you notice? Still, that was a bit shocking. It would be really nice to know she made out okay. She was smart though, she went down really sensible. If she’s a swimmer, and the current wasn’t strong. She should easily swim back to shore, as it looks right close. Those rocks though. . .


The worst thing is that this is something that could happen to me in real life, I’m trying to improve my motor skills


I was thinking the same thing, I want to know if she’s ok.


Yayyy… this is dope… Good one…


It was almost like she was just on a water slide. You could see her little head all the way to the end. I’d like to believe that the person who took the video wouldn’t have released it if something terrible had actually happened to her, so I choose to believe she’s okay.


That’s a good way to think, I agree :+1:t5::blush:


Uh, oh. Looks like “trope fever,” one side effect of which is . . .


Hilarious !


That was quite fun to watch. I did kind of have to snicker, though, when she brought up being stabbed as an analogy, because I know I have seen plenty of instances in dramas (Asian or otherwise) where a person gets stabbed (or suffers really any major physical trauma) and often seemingly is perfectly fine within hours, as if nothing ever happened, or they may be laid up for days or weeks. So contrary to how she used it in her analogy, I feel like I am just as unsure about the ‘healing process’ of stab wounds as I am about that of amnesia. But I get her overall point.


This video link definitely belongs in this thread. Thank you! @anthonyparker80_342!


I just found out our beloved NSSA also has a memes page





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Behind that awkward smile, my brain is like, “Kdrama! Kdrama! Kdrama!” :brain: :sweat_smile:


A dad joke but I’ll still share it.

What do high schoolers say when they get into a fight?