Korean Drama Memes and Quotes


over the girl hiding out under his covers non-the-less.

The next drama I’m paying the equivalent of a nice vacation for Japanese Blu Rays for.
(South Korean publishers, more HD Blu Rays please.)


Rooftop Prince was too hard tobacco for me, I had to skip practically all evil sister scenes after some time.



Best meme collection ever!


From Secret Garden:


I know this is a Kpop, not a kdrama Meme but I don’t know why this makes me laugh so much


it really looks like hes saying that too


Exactly hahaha


Lol omg this is so me

Especially because I got a Samsung note 2 to watch kdramas better on viki hahahahaha

I never imagined an iPhone lol it was too little for watching dramas. I need a big screen


Ahaha It’s SO ME too loool it’s even better now with my Note 3 since i dont have to even shut down my computer get up and put it on my desk.


Before I got my Note 3 I had an super old Iphone 3 …Believe me, when you need your Drama fix, any screen size will do lool


Before note 2 I had an s3 but i had to sent it reparation ever 3 weeks and so I got the phone of my bro and now I am happy haha … ppl can’t understand why I like that big phone. Like my teacher who is a iPhone fan. But I couldn’t tell him that I need this for watching dramas


omg! the last one is soo me, I always say “aish” when I’m pissed off hahahahaha omg omg


I’m freakin cheetah


This is me when I find someone as crazy as me about Kdramas, I’m like “aigoo where were you all this time I love you chingu” hahaha

Remember this? my favorite scene of the entire drama!!

I soo died when I saw this, that moment was eeeeepic


I keep posting! hehe


hahahaha omg I just died with this one! hahaha


I’m waiting for a massive alien invasion!!! LOL


Amen to that!


LOL i found these and had to share :

sorry that this one is kpop, but it was funny xD

You Know You've Been Watching Too Many Kdramas When