Korean Drama Memes and Quotes


Looool there is a asian boy at h&m and I am always looking for him really. He lookssss sooooooooo good and woah .I want him T-T


LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL i think our “kpop/drama minds” takes over us sometimess. we now see every korean ceo and kpop idol on the streets as regular people…

i havent seen a “kikwang” yet, though



AHHHHHHH omggggg you know that I love the last gif of him soooo much omggg I am always smiling when I see this aaaannnd I have it on ny phone. I can look at it for hours lol

Oh yeah one of my friends said that I am going to be Korean this way. Pf they don’t understand us hahaha
Just because I went to a asian market with her btw haha


i knowww its so cute haha i wonder where that gif is from tho…

HAHAHA omg tell your friend “yes! i’d love too xDDD” hahaha

my friends tell me that my room is “china town” because when they walk in, kpop is playing and i have their photos on my wall


Hqhahahahahhaah China town
That’s a fault everybody around me makes. Pls not every asian is a chinese -.-’
Hahahaha really


I KNOWWWWWW -_________- rreaally, there are other asians out there (no offence to the chinese lol)




LMAO!!! :grin: This one killed me seriously looool


LOLOLOLOLOL ik r? seriously its true… but WILL SMITH brought it to the NEXT LEVEL!!! i was dyinggg on the floor when i saw that 1


I love Will Smith haha I really enjoy his movies


LOL yes he’s awesome xD i miss his show “fresh prince of beliar” he was so funny xD


LOLLLLLLLLLLL guys this TOTTALLY describes me and i have to put it here LOL


LOL i found these that describe us:




YEEEEESSSS a Faith fan hehehe


Faith is my favorite drama!!!



Same here !! Don’t even remember how often I watched it :smiley:


I lost track too. I love everything about that drama. The soundtrack is really great too.