Korean Drama Memes and Quotes


well I cant give out anymore hearts till tomorrow, but y’all got my hearts today, ok?


Heheheee! I get it, but the tissue goes to :drum:drum roll @kdrama2020ali :performing_arts::trophy::performing_arts: Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! :rofl::laughing:

These are hilarious :rofl:

If I’m not mistaken, A certain Doom ML is in this meme, only younger. :wink::wink:


:joy::rofl: From :film_projector::performing_arts: Kill Me Heal Me :performing_arts::movie_camera:
I mean :joy::rofl: it’s the same person :rofl::laughing::joy: but in his head :joy::laughing::rofl: if you haven’t watched this drama, I’m calling :chipmunk: squirrel! Go watch it!


Bahahahahahahahahahahaha! Totally Kidding!


Like seriously 1 girl 1 girl has 20 guys loving her - 20 HOT guys! Leave some for us!


Me! :raising_hand_woman:


lmaoooo this is a good one! :joy::joy:

I’m going to be devastated when everything opens up :joy:…weeeeelll, not really.




I made this one last year when these were going around. Mild Crash Landing On You spoiler, but honestly if you still haven’t seen it you should go watch instead of reading anything.




You’ve wrangled another :sparkling_heart: out of my treasure chest. :smile:


I just found these:


my family thinks I am crazy to watch these dramas, they are so dark and al;l, said to go to Netflix, watch the shows there, they aren’t dark, heheheheheh, BUT sex-oriented!! sheesh, can’t win for losing. I also did find some that aren’t like that on Netflik. are you talking about dark? they have a bunch too! blood & gore too, need I go on? the K & c, & t dramas I still say much cleaner


I didn’t know I had a bias - but I guess I do in - slang lingo land


Fair, the women look like Goddesses too


LOL this is so me sometimes… quit school and become a professional kdrama watcher :joy: but then I can imagine how frustrated and annoyed I’d get after sometime :sweat_smile: I watched School 2015 a YEAR ago and still won’t leave it alone





I’m wearing my new shirt that my friend got me "K-Pop All Day - Kdrama All Night"
I had movie night and “0” of my friends understand my obsession with kdrama - they just don’t get it!

I have only turned one friend and she is just about as bad as me now!!!

Me ALL DAY everyday!


thats a really relatable quote for almost all of us :laughing:


is the frnd who gave u the shirt the one who u brought into kdrama world ? if thats so that frnd might have gave u the shirt as a token of love for bringing him to a total another world :grin:


NO actually she just knows me!


oh ok

that pic of jk really suits that meme. kpop and kdrama fans are so creative and observative.just look at those memes. no arguement for that