Korean Drama Memes and Quotes




so thats my problem! I am addicted to these dramas!

I just found this and thought I would share here


I would like to know what was it about this drama that was so awesome

I the actors & actresses , awesome! what made it so popular? anyone?? and I did love it!

him in his younger days



I must say; my laugh for the day!! I guess I can call me HOOKED!!


Possibly I am butting in way below my age level, but I am a K-drama addict, no doubt about it, and scrolling through all the memes, I’m saying, “Yep, right, true, bwa ha ha ha ha!”

Several years ago I created the cartoon below, partly for the amusement of a few friends, and partly in response to the failure of a relationship that failed quite miserably.

(He just wanted to be polite and distant friends, but he would not leave me alone. He would call me drunk at 11 p.m. in need of someone to talk to–right at the point I needed to go to sleep in order to be ready for work the next day.)

It’s not exactly a meme, but FWIW . . .


That’s deeeep! :ok_hand:t5:





I just want to share these ones hehe:

I think that the Doomed girls are going to understand me with this one @kdrama2020ali @leerla73 @shraddhasingh





Doom is definitely a work a Gods. The drama is pure and pious Angels giving background music


Hahaha, the typical curly hair+puffed jacket+floral pants


There was some drama, where a woman said give her an ‘Ajuma perm’ , loved it !


Oh my Gosh this is so TRUE - I would put some more different guys! BUT RIGHT???


The second one is a really difficult choice!!