Korean Drama Quizzes x)

i just found this, its cute and didnt know where to put it so…
i guess this could be a place to post all the cute interesting or funny quizzes you might find about dramas. if you find any, post here!
this is more school related tho, but you can still give it a try!:


who did you get? xD
i took the quiz twice. first time i took it, i answered the questions as i would have hoped the person to act, second time i took it, how i expected the person to act in real life.

1st time i got-lee hyun woo
2nd time- park yoochun

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This was fanny quiz :smiley:
I got Kim Soo Hyun (You Who Came From The Stars)!

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waahh! you get the adorable kim soo hyun!! i hope to find more quizzes xD

putting some here:


i tied between jeremy or cyrano xD (when i SHOULDVE gotten young do or ji hoo but whatever… lol)
well, i kind of agree.

havent tried any of these but there are ALLOT.

if you suggest or tried any of the above, let me know and what was your result!