Korean Drama Survey (Graduate Thesis)

Do you watch K-Dramas? Take this short survey and let me know how you watch and how you pick which Dramas to watch. This survey is part of my research for my thesis project on the global appeal of Korean Dramas. I’m a researcher out of Georgetown University studying the Korean Wave. Reach out if you have any questions!



Georgetown has a class on Korean Wave? Interesting!

It’s actually my graduate thesis project. So it’s self-guided research. But there is so much interesting work being done in media studies.

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I am an American ,mom and grandma who like to watch Kdrama for fun. It started about 10 yrs ago when my daughter asked me to watch one with her. It was a new world from Asia and I was interested in the culture. SO now I watch here on Viki, since Drama Fever stopped. I have a membership to avoid the ads, I do not watch American TV but do watch American movies. SO I like to follow certain actors and will watch what they are in, or good historical dramas and realistic plots, romance is fun but I don’t care for some of the comedy type shows. I see the topics done in some dramas as relating to life and issues that pertain more to Koreans than Americans, however the acting is very entertaining and often the writing is fresh and unique. I find the Industry is more global now, we have Korean actors included in American films and the dramas are popular with other countries, so we all connect. As example I have watched many Jackie Chan films, he is my age and has done a lot of work, that is known outside of Asia. So perhaps it is just a personal preference what one likes, Having to read sub titles is like reading a book and you have to pay attention, plus I get to learn things along the way. They plots are often influenced by religion and history so this too in interesting. I see that Netflix has several Asian drama/films available, so many people can be exposed to this. Im am amazed how much such a small country can produce and the quality is always improving. Good Luck with your survey