Korean Dramas on Blu Ray

I have been looking at yesasia for some Blu Rays of my favorite series, but all I can occassionally find are the Japanese versions. Are Blu Rays of Korean dramas really not a done thing?

(I wouldn’t mind the Japanese versions so much if they weren’t so extremely expensive.)

I am not sure about bluray for Kdramas. I have noticed that most of the bluray are shipped or made in Japan. I have noticed that all dvds for dramas or music is very difficult to find and even more expensive.They range from 50 to 100 in US dollars depending on the site one is buying. It is the same with telenovelas too. I hope that eventually this will open up more in the future. I will say thank goodness for the Volunteers on Viki otherwise I would not get to see the shows I have fallen in love with.