Korean-English Subber Available

I’m trying to get into the volunteering community but since I’m new I’m not really sure how. I am interested in subbing Kdramas and Korean movies. I’d prefer it if they were more recent shows (2010-present) but it’s not a big deal if they are older. If anyone is looking for a Korean-English subber for a Kdrama or movie please let me know.
Thank you!

Hi, Lois!
Given that you have a Vikipass plus it shouldn’t be difficult to you to work on any project. Why don’t you write to Chief Editors of coming soon dramas and offer your help? lt’s likely that they will put you through a little test to see your translating skills, and if everything goes all right, you should be ready to hop on!


Ooh thanks, that’s a great idea. Also do I need to have viki plus to volunteer or would standard work too. If I wasn’t a subscriber at all, could I not volunteer at all?

If course you can! But you can only volunteer on dramas that you can watch/access. If it’s locked for you and you can’t watch it, you also cannot access the subbing tools.
Therefore, if you have Viki standard, you can work on dramas which are behind Viki standard but not those which are behind Viki plus. And if you are not a subscriber, you can volunteer only on those which are free (typically older ones, very few new ones - but most older ones are already translated into English, so it will be more difficult to find a project)
All this until you reach 3000 subtitles. Once this happens, you are considered a QC (Qualified Contributor) and Viki gifts you a Viki pass (Plus if you are in the Americas, Standard if you are located elsewhere) and you can access most dramas. Then you may cancel your subscription.
To keep your Viki pass you only have to make 500 subtitles every six months.


I see. Thank you so much! You’ve been a great help :blush:


Hello! Are you still active? Can I DM you?

Hey! I’m not active right now. Sorry.