Korean/English Subber Volunteer!

Hello! I am new to the Viki Community and am looking for any projects in Korean that needs to be translated to English! I am bilingual in Korean and English and am confident to provide the best subtitles I can for English-speaking viewers. Thank you so much.

Why don’t you write to English moderators and Chief editors offering your services?
Like cgwm808, joysprite and others.
You will find their names on the main page of dramas.
Be sure to write your message in good English and include all relevant info, for instance whether you have a Vikipass. You may have to do a short test and/or be given a part to translate.

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Thank you so much, but will I be able to find some projects I can subtitle for without the Viki Pass?

There are some but not many that are both free and unsubbed in English. Usually the new on-air dramas are all behind Vikipass. What you have to do is reach 3000 subs and become a QC (Qualified Contributor), after which Viki gives you a free Vikipass.
The best thing is to find older dramas which are free, and volunteer to do Korean captioning. You know, it’s useful for Learn Mode and of course for the viewers who are hard of hearing.
Many of the older dramas which are fully subbed in English are not yet captioned in Korean. Some of them also have, in the Team Notes, the link to the complete written scripts, which will make it easier for you, especially when the characters speak very softly, mumble or talk all together during an argument or with street/bar/noraebang noise. Of course the script and the actual dialogue being spoken are not always the same, as the actors or the director often change what’s written for various reasons, but still most of it is there.
So yes, I advise you to start with captioning, get to 3000 subs (the equivalent of three 1-hour episodes) and then you’ll be a free bird, ready to jump on every wagon.
If you don’t want to commit to captioning a long drama when your goal is just to reach the required sub number, then don’t go for dramas, go for films instead. Two films should be enough to do the trick. So go to “Explore”, filter by country: Korea and by type: movie, and see which ones are uncaptioned and free.


Thank you so so much! You are so kind, and this was very helpful

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