Korean historical dramas playlist

Found this in a book (it mentions Viki!) and it was really interesting because the author gave the context on each drama. The only - is the kindle version has cut tables and the maps are too small to see.

So wondering whether it was possible on Viki to make this kind of playlist by era for Korean and Chinese dramas:

Credits: author Mi Park, book “Korean Historical Dramas: Heroes and Villains in Korean History”
(I can delete if it’s not okay to put the tables here)


(There are some more after this, I haven’t put them here)


See also here:

and here:
and even here:

Here it’s a drama-by-drama list, with info on the historical background of each.


Thank you, Irmar!

The big project on Viki would be to create this playlist and order it by era or making different collections with 1 collection = 1 era. That would be great for people interested in History so we could binge them or if we’re interested in a specific era, we can directly find the collection on Viki.

Oh, even better, it would be great that on historical dramas main pages, we have another box called “History” with the context explained or the historical figures it was based on. Even the shapes of flowers with the ep number and some references like Wikipedia links or Encyclopedias.

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For now, with the existing tools, the only possible thing, as you say, would be to make a series of collections (by eras) and on the description mark the relevant information (as on that last link). The only problem is that we cannot give them a specific order (even if we did, inserting a new drama would disrupt it)