Korean Historical Dramas (Sageuks)

Did you probably watch Queen In Hyun’s man ?
There are books from the joseon dynasty they are reading all the time to find out which event happens next. Are there really books like that?

Just asking haha sorry if it’s a stupid question

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I haven’t watched it yet. I will try to soon. Perhaps there are others here who can comment on it.

Well it’s cheesy and a cute drama but not that much of historical so I don’t know if you are going to like it … but if you watch it and know sth about it I would be happy if you tell me !=)

Thank you for making me watch Jumong!! By far my favorite “substantial” drama. Loved it, loved it, loved it!!! And now let’s go for the second one on your list :D…

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You are done? I had the feeling you had many episodes left :open_mouth:
So you liked the ending? hahaha start watching Kingdom of the winds you will like that one too!!

I just noticed that there are no pics on this topic…
Let’s change it

*Kingdom of the Winds *


I was dying to know how it was going to end… The end it was poetic to say the least, Lady Sosuhno and Ye Soya restored my faith in women doing dramas lol But still want to do something really bad to Sulran (Taeso’w wife) :expressionless:

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I knowwww
I can imagine your reaction when the king killed Jumong’s mom… I cried a lot at that episode …
I can’t remember… what exactly happened to her again ?

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Nothing happened to Sulran!! She becomes queen and everything! Although remains childless…

since it’s a few years back I couldn’t remember what happened to her

But it’s often like that … There are always evil humans left at the end…

Sis!!! I’m enjoying KotW (about to start epi 22) but King Yuri is too sissy for my liking! At least the second lead is handsome in this one hehehe

Taeso wasn’t exactly a cute face to look at… plus every time he got mad his eyes were like popping out of the sockets… creepyyyy

But regardless of the eyecandy :wink: Sageuks are like a history lesson without all the boredom of the classroom, I’m learning pretty interesting facts and I’m expanding a little bit my general knowledge :eyeglasses:

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LOL sis I didn’t even look at the second lead , I hate them too much in sageuks…
I just had eyes for this man

He is the hero of sageuks for me

But I agree… we can learn interesting facts and history without being in class. I love this fact . Even tho I love history in school haha

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I finished KotW last night! I’d not believe how (deep) inside the story I was, until the last 2 episodes… I literally wanted to get inside the screen and shake, save, kill, burn alive, etc. lots of people!!!

What I noticed is that the men of that family, up to this 4th generation, have this “tradition” of not being able to see one of their sons for some years… Let’s see if someone breaks it in the near “future” in Ja Myung Go… prince Ho Dong, here I comeeeeeee

I’ve actually heard a little about the story of Prince Hodong and the Princess of Nakrang, so I’m curious to see this sageuk. :slight_smile:

Hahahahahaha exactly !! I said the same to my mom a few years ago … poor guys lol
And I can’t believe that you already finished this drama :0

Umm I didn’t watch that one… I just saw the ending bcs I was just toooo curious and I was like. No thank you

Kingdom of the Winds is much easier to watch now that the segment timing has been adjusted and the English edited. How is the Sp?

Spanish needs editing. I took a quick look but is not that bad…

Well a few days ago I finished Ja Myung Go, isn’t that bad but really is more a tragedy than a drama… Now I’m enjoying Kim Soo Ro…

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What did I say ? ^^ hahahaha I really love historicals but there are a few I just don’t want to watch just like this one…

My first drama was a historical, so I’m a big fan, too; but I don’t like sad endings. It takes a lot of willpower to watch a tragedy, and I have to know in advance that there’s a sad ending-even if I don’t know exactly what it is. That’s how I can handle it.

Mostly they have an ending like that because of the real historical background of the drama. It shows how difficult real life actually is. I hate sad endings too tho. Always have to know if there is one exactly like you to handle it.

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I finshed Kim Soo Ro last Monday, this one has a happy ending for all you guys that need to mentally prepare yourselves. I can handle the sad endings but I always want to know what will happen because I’m too curious and impatient to wait for it to happen LOL
So if you guys are like me this is perfect because at the beginning of each episodes they will tell you what will happen in the episode.

Now I’m watching episode 3 of King Geunchogo, and this one tells a “slightly” different story about how things ended between King Jumong and Lady Sosuno (on the first episode) I will update this once I finished.

Did someone else watch King Geunchogo?