Korean Romantic Fantasy Short Drama MIMI

Any help will be welcomed!

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Your channel doesn’t work… When I did submit it I was told egzona has the channel :slight_smile:

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Hi but it works for me
I don’t know what’s going on since it’s my first time.

I have the same problem :confused:

Oh Gosh!
So why Viki allowed me? I really don’t understand.


I have really no Idea
Try to contact them , I am sure they will fix it !: )

Can you open egzona’s page?

noo I can’t :confused:
Same thing “Page not found”

Oh I see.
I will report it but I can’t find applying request page!
I’m about to go crazy…

Maybe this ? Don’t know if it helps:/ If not try it through facebook

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Thank you. From my old requests I already had zendesk’s mail address. So I’m sending a mail right now

When you submit a channel you are a CM by default… then Viki takes a lil while to check if someone else has the channel and if there is someone eventually the channel will disappear from your list (and Viki tells you who has the channel. That’s how I know egzona has it). The reason why you can’t see egzona’s channel can be because the content owner does want their channel on Viki to be hidden. Same thing happened with I Need Romance 3. The channel was there for months but was hidden till Viki got a license.


Thanks for your explanation. I already sent mail to help desk and asked them to delete mine.

I also send a message to egzona and apologized for this duplication.

Anyway I don’t care to have channel. Hope Viki can get license and we watch it here…

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Dudie perfect example .And @OzzY OzzY its not a big deal and you dont need to apologize that you create a channel.So .we let’s hope that the drama will get the license soon.

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Hi there! can I join the English-Spanish translation team?

want to join the English-Spanish translation team :slight_smile:

Please contact with @egzona egzona

Sorry but we have already two moderators for Spanish.Thanks you anyway.

Okey I will

Hi @egzona, I think she just wants to sub. So If you give her Spanish mods’ names, she can ask them.

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