Korean titles of Chinese drama's

Lately I was watching a Chinese drama called ‘See you again’.

The Chinese title is 时间都知道 and the Korean title is 시간도지도 which is a syllable by syllable transliteration of the Chinese characters.
I’ve seen this with more Korean translations of Chinese titles.
Do Koreans who see these translations understand the meaning? To me, it seems the same as pinyin in the Latin alphabet, so I’m wondering why they are translated in that way.


The moment I read that out loud I thought… Weird :laughing:

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But it is the same with 엉클, whereby this one word is simpler and perhaps easier to understand. (And Imitation, Happiness and so on.)

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That is a transliteration of English. A lot of Koreans will know the meaning. Is it the same with transliteration of Chinese characters?

People who know Latin alphabet can read a sentence such as: 'Ba zhe duo hua gei ni pengyou mai, but they wouldn’t know the meaning of it. So that’s why I wanted to know why the Korean titles are translated in that way.