Korean translaters


I need korean to english translaters for my two new channels, IGOT7 and DANCING9.
Without your help we would not be able to translate it in others languages.

Thank you.

I’m not a Korean Speaker, but am a professional writer who would be glad to fine tune the English as a native speaker. I love KDrama because it offers great programming for Americans who still possess morals, and I can watch it with my granddaughters without concern. We’ve watched about 10 different series.

I’ve noticed the English, while understandable, is sometimes isn’t quite the right term we would use. For example, when someone faints or goes into a coma, the Korean actors always call for them to “come to their senses.” In America, that phrase is used for persuading people to make a more rational decision. To the unconscious, we would say, “wake up,” or “can you hear me” or “speak to me.”

That’s literally what they are saying though…

It’s like translating Salud as Health! (in English after a sneeze.) it’s not wrong…just that’s what is said.

It may be the literal translation, but it’s still wrong.
It is wrong when the person of the target language doesn’t recognize it as something that should be said in this situation or, as in the “come to your senses” example, can misunderstand the meaning altogether.

That’s one of the most frequent things I have to correct when editing.