Korean Union Workers Strike -- KBS and MBC



True journalism these days is pretty scarce or probable, on a global scale. Bias exists in every journalist/news writer/broadcaster. Still, a cause that’s always worth fighting for because bias shouldn’t be manifested in their professional work, and truth shouldn’t be suppressed.




wow, kudos to these people who are not afraid to speak up; but the issues seem to be worldwide not just Korea.
Corporate / gov corruption has reached a certain level, it’s the power of the wealthy and well connected… we have seen these actions in dramas then and today and it’s not far from the truth. Human greed knows no laws. I guess we’ll have to watch some oldies or classic dramas if some will be put on halt.


Yes, I’m trying to catch up on older shows.

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This is a part of the plot of the Kdrama Missing – about the management controlling what information went to the public from the news broadcasters.


You just reminded me to watch it again. :slight_smile: I really hope there’ll be a season 2 in the works. One of the rare, short and excellent Kdramas out there.


The current on-air Kdrama ‘Falsify/Distortion’ is equally compelling, if not even more so. Certainly, worse than journalistic bias and suppression of truth, is the manipulation of public sentiment :rage: and the manufacture of fake news (esp. those with fatal impact). :astonished::scream:

Kudos to acting cream of the crop Uhm Ji Won, Namgoong Min, Yoo Joon Sang, Jeon Hye Bin, and Moon Sung Geun; writer Kim Hyun Jung and PD Lee Jung Heum. This drama is excellent! If not the BEST Kdrama of 2017, it’s probably deserving to be within the top five. A must-watch rare gem. JJAAAAJJANG! :heart_eyes:

And a shoutout to the volunteer team. Woot! Fighting! Keep going! The down-rated reviews are mainly due to impatience and ignorance over subtitling and late licensing. A pity! This drama deserves a 9-plus rating for sure!