[Korean Variety Show] Looking for segmenters and moderators

Hello !
I am the channel manager of the Korean Variety Show Immortal Songs : Singing The Legend and i’m looking for segmenters, and moderator for all languages (except French and German).
Here is the link to the channel : https://www.viki.com/tv/32509c-immortal-songs-singing-the-legend?q=immo
If you are interested contact me : https://www.viki.com/users/deval_chloe
See you soon !
Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile:

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Hi Chloe,
I had contacted you about helping out with the show ^^

Hi Sophie !
Weird I have no message from you, this is for what ? Segmenting ? Moderator ?

Maybe segging after graduating from Nssa.
I can English sub

Ok no problem I will ad you as english suber for the moment and if you see that you want to segment tell me. :slight_smile:
Like there are no english moderator for the moment and no segmenters we have to wait but welcome in the team ! :slight_smile:

I m interesting for a Romanian Moderator for Kdrama . Can I help you ?:slight_smile:**

Hi @siak18 !
Thank you for your help ! :slight_smile:
Welcome in the team. :slight_smile:

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Est-ce qu’on traduit aussi les chansons ?

À vrai dire j’y réfléchissais, je me dis que les traduire serait bien dans un certain sens étant donné que certaines personnes aiment connaître la significations des chansons qu’ils écoutent, mais dans un autre sens cela prendrait beaucoup de temps et vu le nombre de chansons qu’il va y avoir, ce sera trop long et difficile de tout traduire. Donc, c’est encore une question à voir, je pense que je demanderais l’avis de chacun pour savoir s’ils sont pour ou contre traduire les chansons avant que l’on commence le projet. :slight_smile:

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Si c’est des chansons classiques, et on annonce le titre de la chanson, surement on peut trouver les textes en coréen et même en anglais sur internet ?

Oui je pense qu’il n’y aura pas de soucis pour trouver les chansons si ce sont des classiques, après reste à voir si ça ne fera pas trop de chansons à traduire et si tout le monde est prêt à tout traduire, après c’est aussi une question à voir avec les segmenters. Pour le moment il n’y en a aucun donc bon. Nous verrons ça quand l’équipe sera un peu plus remplie, avec des segmenters et si possible un modérateur et des éditeurs anglais.

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Personally I hate translating songs but love transcribing them. I will happily translate a song I do like…
Inkigayo team decided to do away with song translations altogether and now just label it and go.

Segmenting recruitment you have a hard time because if you ever done it you will know variety show is a pain in the rear end. Lots of dialogue and plenty of chances people talk over each other. Lots of dialogue automatically means more time needed to segment. I tried to help a bit with infinity challenge (subtitling) but I found the task so dreadfully repetitive and dull. The text matches the dialogue so for me it seems to move even slower than usual. BTW subbing and segging make shows move slower since it forces you to be extra attentive.

To make things worse these variety show can be as long as 2 hrs… 1.5 is average. That’s 9 parts of splitting too. If you do not split eps I can almost guarantee no segmenter will come. Not splitting a part means only one person can work on it a time and has to do it all in one sitting this sounds like torture.

BTW as a newbie segger even 5 min cannot be short enough for me. I have to force myself to endure for 10 min. For some odd reason I find Mandarin segging mildly enjoyable.

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I had the same curiosity and I tried to see if the episodes are split, but it wouldn’t let me go in, as I’m not part of the team.
OK, as you say, maybe for us who will be freshly graduated Ninjas, maybe it’s not the most suitable task.

@sophie2you Yes I totally understand what you say, this is why I was wondering myself if we will translate songs. I think thanks to your answer, we don’t have really to translate songs because the most important rest what is said by the host of the show. But if someone have another idea for this subject, I will read and consider it with pleasure. :slight_smile:

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