Korean websites

Question for native Korean speakers, mostly:

I’m learning Korean and I’d like to practice my reading comprehension skills.

I tried Korean Google News and it wasn’t a nice experience, I’m nowhere near that level of vocabulary.

I tried Google, but it gives me blogs written in Korean by learners like me or Korean sites written in English.

Do you have any suggestions for blogs/ online magazines/ comic strips or other online content that I could read?

I’m interested in something a Korean would read during their coffee break for example, not aimed at tourists/ learners.

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Is it a weird suggestion, but could you watch the shows on viki with Korean subtitles?

I actually went to my local library and read all the comic books there. I think some of the comics on say naver are free. I personally enjoyed the short treatise on the different blood types because it’s funny. One of my friends, a type A even has type A emoticons on her kakaotalk app.

I’m not sure what they’d be reading… everyone seems so busy always :frowning:


Thanks for the suggestions! There are not many kdramas that I like that have Korean subs. And I would prefer something I could read whenever I have some free time.

Online comics are a great idea, but I don’t know where to find them… :flushed: