Kpop & kdrama twins!

ever found any two korean people that look EXACTLY alike from kpop or kdrama? there are many people that look alike in the K-world, but i want to find people that look SO alike they could be twins O.O (you can also post people who look alike). here’s an example of one.

girls generation’s seohyun :

and Love rain’s son eun seo :

now come on. where these two separated at birth? or is it just me? They look EXACTLY alike to me its scary.

another two people who look like twins to me are JB (from GOT7 and DH2):

and Roh ji hoon:

and these two look alike to me (not like twins but very alike) they even sound alike:
B1A4’s Baro:

and VIXX’s Ravi:

anyone else? xD

For me it’s them lol

For me they look really alike:

Then Girl’s Day’s Minah and APink’s Eunji:

Than Big Bang’s Daesung and K.Will:

Super Junior’s Siwon and Exo’s Suho:

And Xiumin and Wonder Girl’s Sohee:

Those are the ones I know xDD

They all look different to me, except for JB and Ji Hoon. Those 2 boys do look alike in the pictures you’ve uploaded.

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ahh your right! some of them DO look alike in those pictures, maybe not in day to day pictures but in those particularly, but daesung and kwill look like twins!!

@dramaaaaa awww it would be cute if those were brother and sister xD

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woah woah WOAH. they look alike O.O how did i notice this before? are these two really brother and sis? lol

No they r not :open_mouth: amazing right? ?

yes very wow. it might aswell be him with a wig!

No that’s the girl from moon embracing the sun han ga in

And dongjun from ZE:A

I saw him in a MV of them that’s how I found them :smiley:

yea, i know ^ ^ but im saying, he might as well wear a wig and be her! LOL she’s so cute, i heard she’s having a baby. and i love ZEA, they are very underrated unfortunately :frowning: there new song is great, and siwan is from that group, did you know?


but, there noses arent even the same! how can they look so alike in that picture lol

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Omgg thank you and i was thinking about where I know that guy from !!

Preena sent me a link to their song breath and I am loving it. One of the songs I can listen to without getting bored

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yess, i love that song, tho i thought you wouldnt like it because it is kpop, and you said you werent really into it, but im in love with siwan T.T lol i love him he’s my bias x) he’s also in the short kdrama called “hope for dating”, tho i didnt like that one much, but his parts were adorable and the reason why i watched it xD he reminds me of kikwang so much for some reason…

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Yeah I thought so too !!! But then she showed me that song and i was so happy that I liked it and that it wasn’t boring for me!!! That’s why I said you should still show me if you wanna suggest sth I might like it !!! I mean I still listen to beast like crazy and that’s kpop too !! Haha it’s weird but if you see sth amazing show me I might love it !! Hehe :heart:

I Love Taemin and Kai :open_mouth: <3 And I think they look little bit alike, but not that much :open_mouth: xD

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Maybe becuase of the eyes, they look so alike ‘-’ If you look carefully, the eyes are almost the same :open_mouth:

I think the nose. Noses can make big differences lol

Lol xD Yeah noses xDDD