Kpop recommendations

Hello everyone!

I’m really interested in finding out good kpop songs and groups so I thought that it would be really cool to create this topic for you guys to give some recommendations and we all to exchange our music taste. Just write down what your favourite group or songs are.

All suggestions are welcome!


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bigbang - loser
big bang- bang bang bang
big bang- lets not fall in love
got7- if you do
exo- overdose


BTS - Dope
BTS - I Need U
BTS - Just one day
EXO - Exodus

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guys can i ask you how does Viki works ?

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F(X) - 4 WALLS
There’s more but these songs are good ^-^

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funny because my taste in music changes on a weekly basis!

currently, my feel-good playlist consists of something along the lines of:

2bic - love game
park kyung & park boram - ordinary love
seo inguk - bomtanaba
kim jonghyun - beautiful lady
san.e & raina - midsummer night’s sweetness

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Wrong topic for your post, but start general, for example here:

The groups/bands I enjoy are CNBlue, BigBang, and SHINEE. Soloists, Ailee, K.Will, Lee Seung Gi, and Lee Hong Ki(from FT Island). I have just discovered SuperJunior-M, I don’t know enough about them to give a full rec, though. Another good way to discover good musicians is through drama OST’s. I have noticed you find one great song and then you look for other works by that artists and it is easy to get into their albums.

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I’ll definitely listen to them. I always wanted to listen to bang bang and now I have something to start with. Thanks! Are they your favourite kpop group?

I already know all of the bts songs, haha (i love them!) They were the first group I listened to and are one of my favourites. Yours too? But I will definitely listen to the exo one. Thanks!

Thanks! Yeah, I’ve heard that those songs a really good, I will listen to them. Are the bands good, too? I know the exo is good, but I haven’t really listen to the others yet, I’m kinda knew with kpop.

yeah, same here. my music taste is constantly changing as well, although lately it has remained and I’m kinda proud of it… thanks for sharing your playlist with me! I will definitely check out that songs

Thanks! I’ve only listened to lee hong ki and a bit of SHINEE till now so let’s see how the others are. Yes, I do that with the drama OST as well when I really liked a song, is definitely a good way to find out new songs. Sorry for asking but is super junior separated in subgroups? I’ve always thought they were just one.

do you mean the subbing/ segging? if so, you find a drama that you are interested in and message tthe language moderator, they will assign you as a subber and then u can sub it to another language.
it took me some time to figure it out too

yep, they are.
im warning u u will fall in love :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I believe they are. SuperJunior, SuperJunior-M, SuperJunior D&E, and I think there may be 3 more sub groups.

i really enjoy listenning this day 2ne1 song but especially “I LOVE YOU” and “LONELY” but in accoustic version :guitar: :heart_eyes_cat:

but i also listen “NO LOVE” from lucky J

You should check out:

  • Spica ( they are extremely underrated ) :disappointed_relieved: Songs: Tonight, You don’t love me
  • Mamamoo (my favorite girl group :relaxed: ) Songs: You’re the Best, Mr. Ambiguous
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Groups Songs
Ikon rhythm ta, MUP, I miss you so bad, Just another boy, Airplane, Anthem
Bigbang if you, Tonight, Haru Haru,Blue, Let’s not fall in love,Fantastic Baby, Bang Bang Bang
Winner Empty, Color Ring, I am different, Smile Again
2ne1 I am the best, Missing you, Gotta be you,Crush.Fire
Tayeang Stay with me, Ringa linga,Wedding dress, Only look at me
Gdragon One of a Kind, R.O.D,Black, Crooked
Daesung Baby Don’t cry, Wings
Bobby Raise your guard and bounce, i am ill, Go , YGGR
Lee Hi Roses , 123 , Breathe
Infinite Man in love, Bad,
BTS Boy in luv, Danger, I need you, Butterfly
Got7 Forever young, she is a monster
Uniq I am falling in love, eoeo
BTOB It’s okay ,way back home
DBSK Proud, love in the ice, Doushite
Kim Yung Joon Unbreakable
2pm Come back when you hear this song, ADTOY
2am Can’t let you go
Miss A i don’t need a man
Wonder Girls I feel you , Nobody
Park Jimin hopeless love
monsta x hero , trepass

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i listen to a lot of kpop groups, this week I´m obsessed with AlphaBAT´s Tantara

and also Song Ji Eun´s - Don’t Look At Me Like That

They’re both great artists and songs, you should check them out if you’re interested ^^

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