L-DK movie


well, this is a movie that i heard from @melliebean_2 ^ ^ very VERY hard to find online as i guess, its still new? but when i saw the trailer i spazzed and wanted to watch it immediately.nope, i never saw the manga/anime version, but i thought this movie was cute. some cheesy cliche parts but still why did i still have feels?xD and the guy… i dont know who he is, but he’s gorgeous. i know some ppl where interested in finding it online so if any of you’s want to watch, i found somewhere lol. im not a big fan of japanese dramas or movies because the acting isnt as real to me, no offence to those who love it,im sure there are still some good ones out there.

anyways, happy viewing everyone!


I will watch this tonight. I’ll write my review tomorrow. Thank You so much for posting. It looks like its unreal but i’ll see. :slight_smile:


:smiley: im glad i could give you something to watch ^ ^ have you heard of it before? i anticipate your review, probably will be along the same thoughts i had while watching.


Oh my God! I’ve looking for this ever since it came out in Japan, but I couldn’t ever find it ;___; Thanks so much for the link.

One of my Japanese friends watched it and said it was good and so I wanted to watch it but never could. I read the manga in the meantime. The manga was alright; fairly typical shoujo. But I’d still recommend it to anyone who’s interested.

Thanks so muccccchhhh


Okay its 03:21AM and I just finished the movie. I’ll PM you my review. I don’t think it’s right to write spoilers in here. I’d recommend it if they haven’t read the manga.


no problem!!! i was also looking for it like crazy. so happy u could watch it xD